How to install STYLY on Oculus Quest via SideQuest

This article explains how to use STYLY in Oculus Quest.

Placing Oculus Quest into Developer Mode

First, launch the Oculus app that is connected to Oculus Quest and open the settings.

Open the Oculus app and click on Settings

Select the Oculus Quest that you want to enable developer mode and click on “Other Settings” in the submenu.

Open Other Settings

Select the Developer mode and check the Developer mode on the next page.

Select the developer mode

If this is the first time you do this, you will be asked if you want to register a developer organization, and if you select “Yes”, you will be redirected to your browser, where you can register your developer’s name. (Any name is fine, as the developer’s name will not be published.)

Install the Oculus Quest driver

Install the driver from the official Oculus website.

Check the “I agree to the Terms of Use” checkbox and click Download.

Check the box and click Download.

Once the download is complete, extract the, right-click on android_winusb and select “Install”.

Install the driver

This completes the installation of the Oculus Quest driver.

Download SideQuest

Download SideQuest from GitHub on SideQuest.

For Windows, select SideQuest-Setup-0.8.7-x64-win.exe.


Download SideQuest

When you start SideQuest’s installer, you will be asked to select the installation option, but if you don’t have any particular reason to do otherwise, please select “Install only for current users”.

Selecting installation options

The installation of SideQuest is completed when you select “Install” from “Next”.

Connecting the PC and Oculus Quest

Start SideQuest and connect it to your PC with a cable.

Only the first time you connect, Oculus Quest will ask you to allow the connection with PC, so select OK on the controller.

Allow the connection to your PC

If you see “Connected” in green at the top left of SideQuest, the connection is complete.

Connection complete

Installing STYLY

Install STYLY from the STYLY page on SideQuest.

Click on “INSTALL LATEST” in the bottom right corner and click on “Open in SideQuest” when a pop-up appears.

Install STYLY with SideQuest

Once installed, you can play STYLY in Oculus Quest by selecting “Library” -> “Unknown app” -> “STYLY”.

Open STYLY in Oculus Quest

This is the procedure to use STYLY in Oculus Quest.