How to install STYLY on Oculus Go via SideQuest

This article describes the procedure to install STYLY on Oculus Go.

The procedure is as follows.
There are a few differences between Mac and Windows PCs.

  1. Set Oculus Go to developer mode (for Mac and Windows)

  2. Install the driver for Oculus Go (Windows only)

  3. Install SideQuest (for Mac and Windows)

  4. Install STYLY (for Mac and Windows)

    I will explain each of them in detail.

*We recommend you to install STYLY on Oculus Quest / Quest2 via App Lab, as it is easier and safer than via SideQiest. If you are a Quest / Quest2 user, please refer to the following article for detailed installation instructions.

Set Oculus Go to developer mode (for Mac and Windows)

First, launch the Oculus app on your smartphone connected to Oculus Go and open the settings.


Select the Oculus Go you want to enable Developer Mode for, and click “More Settings” in the submenu.

More Settings

Select Developer Mode and check the Developer Mode checkbox on the next page.

If this is the first time you are using this setting, you will be asked if you want to register your developer organization. (Your developer name will not be made public, so you can use any name you want.

Install the Oculus Go driver (Windows only)

*This process is only for Windows users, Mac users don’t need it, so please go to “Install SideQuest”.

Install the driver from Oculus official website on your PC.

Check the I agree to the terms of use checkbox, and click Download.

After the download is complete, extract, right-click android_winusb, and select “Install”.

Install the driver

Install the driver

This completes the installation of the driver for Oculus Go.

Install SideQuest (for Mac and Windows)

Download SideQuest to your PC.

Please access GitHub of SideQuest for both Mac and Windows.

Install SideQuest (for Windows)

If you are a Windows user, click “SideQuest-Setup-00-x64-win.exe”. (The number of “00” changes as SideQuest is upgraded, so it may be different from the image below.

Select the downloaded file.

Select the downloaded file.

When you start SideQuest installer, you will see a screen to select installation option. If there is no particular reason, select “Install for current user only.

Select “Next” and then “Install” to complete the installation of SideQuest.

Go to “Connect your  PC to Oculus Go”.

Install SideQuest (for Mac)

Click “SideQuest-00.dmg”. (The number of “00” will change as SideQuest is upgraded, so it may be different from the image below.)

Install SideQuest for Mac

Install SideQuest for Mac

When you open the downloaded file, you will see Add Application screen, so please add SideQuest icon to Applications folder by drag & drop.

Add to Applications

Add to Applications

Now SideQuest has been added to your Mac, please launch SideQuest by clicking on it from the application list.

When you launch it for the first time, you may see the following popup, but if you click “Open,” SideQuest will launch without any problem.

Connect your PC to Oculus Go

Start SideQuest, and sign in.

If you don’t have a SideQuest account yet, click “SIGN UP INSTEAD” to create an account.

If you check the email you received to your registered email address, authentication will be completed and you will be able to sign in to SideQuest.

Sign up screen

Sign up screen

After you can sign in to SideQuest, connect your PC to Oculus Go with a cable.

This cable does not have to be an Oculus accessory cable, but use a data transferable cable.

Only when you connect for the first time, Oculus Go will display a screen to allow the connection to your PC, so select OK on the controller.

Allow connection with PC

Allow connection with PC

When “Connected” is displayed in green on the upper left corner of SideQuest, the connection is complete.

Connection completed

Connection completed

Install STYLY

Install STYLY on Oculus Go.

You can search “STYLY” on SideQuest app, or launch SideQuest from STYLY page on SideQuest.

Click “INSTALL TO HEADSET” on the right to start installation of STYLY.

Launch STYLY

Once the installation is complete, you can launch STYLY by selecting “Library” in Oculus Go, then “Apps”, then “STYLY”.


These are the steps to use STYLY in Oculus Go.