Inserting 3D Models in STYLY

In this article, we will introduce the default filters, effects (such as particles and flames), and light sources available in STYLY.  

The Filters

We call screen effects that change the appearance of the scene “Filters” in STYLY.
The models in the 3D Model tab with names that start with “Filter” are the default Filters.   You can only apply 1 filter to 1 scene, just like the sky asset, and if you apply a new filter to a scene, the old one will be removed.
There are currently 10 filters in STYLY, and the effects differ greatly. For reference, I applied different filters to the scene below. The impression changes a lot!  

No Filter  
Standard Filter applied  
Psychedelic Filter applied  
Monochrome Filter applied  
Sepia Filter applied  
Sketch Filter applied    

STYLY Effects

Effects are assets that have an animation setting. These can add movement and coloring to any scene.
Effects are not 3D objects, and do not have a shape like lightning or flames, but you can move or rotate them just like 3D models. For example, if you apply GodRay to a scene, you can create a scene like the image below, rays of light shining through the clouds.  

Light Sources

The Directional Light is an asset that is automatically added to the scene at creation. This asset is needed to balance the lighting. It provides depth to the 3D models that have been inserted in the scene. (In STYLY, we call assets that create light “Light Sources”)   To adjust the light, first click on Directional Light in the scene. Then, press the E key to show the manipulator for rotation, and by changing the direction of light, you can adjust the angle of the light illuminating the 3D objects. By the way, the only Light source you can use in STYLY is the Directional Light. If you accidentally delete it from the Hierarchy Menu, you can add it again. The Directional Light asset is available in the 3D Model list under the Sky and Grounds tab.