In this article, I will introduce 3 basic shortcuts using the STYLY VR editor.


Undo (Go back one step)

You can undo the previous action by pressing Ctrl + Z key.
(CAUTION: The shortcut it Ctrl + Z for Mac users too, not the Command key!)



Snap objects

By pressing Ctrl as you move an object, you can move the object by defined increments.


Focus on a object

By selecting an asset in the Hierarchy menu, and pressing the F key, you can move the camera so it focuses on the center of the asset.
This is useful when you lose sight of an asset in your scene.


These shortcuts will increase your work efficiency in STYLY, so I recommend memorizing the basic ones!

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Miyuki Yasuzawa


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STYLY is a cloud-based service for creating high quality,beautiful VR spaces that doesn’t require any coding. By using STYLY, creators can express their imaginations indefinitely and build a variety of virtual spaces. Through these spaces, we can share experiences that are unachievable in the real world.