Creating immersion and interaction are key features for any virtual reality content to be sofor viewers. STYLY allows you to do just that. To give you a glimpse of what you can do with, I have created this tutorial to guide you step by step on how to use basics of unity and playmaker to create content for STYLY. I will be creating a simple target practice scene using the concept of bowling.

  • To start off, lets first convert the hand held controller into a ball. You can follow this tutorial to see how that can be done. We will be destroying default controller model and replacing it with our own.
  • Here is Playmaker code for accessing controller right.

In create object action I added my ball that I want to create.

Then I destroy the original model for my controller. As left one I used for teleport.

  • Once the controllers are setup, we move on towards creating the environment. You can create anything, but I wanted to create a sensation of height so I decided to use mountains. I used a snow texture to create the plane. Next I added another 3D plan for making the path.
  • The third and final step involves creating intractable objects. Since bowling pins perfectly complement large balls, I will be placing pins on top of moving squares to make the task of shooting them down more interesting. All we have to do is add a Rigidbody component and a box collider to the pin. We also need to make the pin and the square a child of the moving empty object

After that I simply uploaded my prefabs in STYLY.

  • And then I test my scene in HTC VIVE its working perfectly.
  • For further understanding you can go here for video tutorial.

Here’s a video tutorial to help you understand the concept.

To watch this tutorial in URDU/HINDI, please click here.