Hello Everyone !!! Today we will learn how we can animate an object from a source point to destination point through Playmaker.

01.Import a model in Unity

So in my scene I animate a car that I downloaded from unity assets store and than I simply import that car into my scene.

02.Apply Playmaker code.

Now I added playmaker editor and added aa state on it. Then I added action Move towards. Move Towards Action Take Following Parameters. I Created A Simple Empty Game Object And Then Place It At Destination Point Where I Want To Reach. I Made Prefab Of That Target Empty Game Object And Pass It To The Target Object. I Set The Max Speed To 10 you can increase it to according to your convenience .

03.Uploading in STYLY.

Then I simply made a prefab of my moving car and then uploaded it into STYLY plugin. Here you can see it's working properly in in STYLY.


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Zubaira Naz

Zubaira Naz

Graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore as Computer Scientist. Zubaira is interested in Creating Virtual Reality experiences and games. Zubaira also loves to work in latest emerging Technology such as VR&AR.

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STYLYは、VR空間を駆使した新たな表現・体験を生み出せるクリエイティブプラットフォームです。 STYLYを活用することで、コンセプチュアルなショップ空間やインスタレーション、ギャラリーなど クリエイターのイマジネーションを際限なく表現した多彩な空間を構築できます。 またその空間を通じて、今までの現実では成し得なかった体験をインターネットの世界へシェアすることができます。



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