“Modifier,” a new feature that allows you to easily add a variety of expressions to objects is coming soon.

On Monday, February 21, 2022, a new feature called “Modifier” will be implemented that will allow STYLY users to change colors and make collision detection with objects with a single click without programming, enabling a variety of expressions.

“Modifier” feature to be implemented soon on STYLY Studio

A new feature “Modifier” will be implemented on the VR/AR/MR creative tool “STYLY Studio” on Monday, February 21, 2022.

As the word “modifier” implies, the new feature allows you to make modifications to objects placed on STYLY Studio, which was previously impossible without using other software such as Unity.


Rich expression is possible only with STYLY Studio.

In the past, STYLY required the use of other software such as Unity to change the color of the object itself, as well as its movement.

By using Modifier, you can add simple modifications such as changing the color of an object, moving and rotating it, and complex modifications such as contact and holding collision with just one click.

This allows for rich expressions without programming knowledge.


◆Examples of interactive functions that can be added in the initial Modifier

 You can add actions to the asset such as grabbing, equipping, and destroying with the controller.

・Change style
 You can change the style of the asset, including its texture and color.

 You can add animations such as rotation, movement, and rhythm to the asset.

Avatar animation
 Various dance motions can be added to the Humanoid model assets.

More interactive functions of Modifier will be added in the future.


Scene sample using the Modifier feature

Artists were among the first to experience Modifier before its release as a demonstration experiment.

All interactive elements, such as object movement and texture, are modified using only STYLY Studio’s Modifier feature.



Modifier feature will be used in Psychic VR Lab internal hackathon

We will be posting tweets of the Modifier being used in the Psychic VR Lab internal hackathon scheduled for February 15 (Tue) and 16 (Wed) (Japan Time) with hashtag.

If you would like to know more about Modifier, please search for the following hashtag on Twitter.



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