Studying xR as a comprehensive art as a “design for experience”. NEWVIEW SCHOOL 2nd term’s starting! 2020 is available online all across the country!

Online lectures on both VR and AR with instructors who are defining the next generation expression

NEWVIEW,” a joint project by Psychic VR Lab (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) providing VR/AR/MR creative platform STYLY (, Parco Corporation (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), and Loftwork Corporation (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is starting in 2020! 

As the first activity, Psychic VR Lab has announced that the second phase of “NEWVIEW SCHOOL”, a program to learn xR* as a comprehensive art form, is beginning in July 2020, and is now accepting students’ applications.

*xR is a generic term for technologies that provide new experiences by combining the real world with the virtual one, such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality).


This school offers programs for discovering and fostering the next generation of artists as part of the activities of NEWVIEW, an experimental project/community that pioneers new creative expression and design of experiences in three-dimensional space. In conjunction with NEWVIEW AWARDS, a global VR content award in the fashion, culture and art fields (details for fiscal year 2020 will be announced at a later date), we will accelerate the development of new expressions and the expansion of our community. In last year’s first phase (89 applicants and 51 students), we had two winners and eight finalists in the NEWVIEW AWARD 2019, which contributed to the development of new talents.

Updated to the xR art school from the second term. Now online, students can take courses from all over the country.

The catchphrase for the second year of the NEWVIEW SCHOOL is “Learning xR, a comprehensive art as an “experience design”. In the second phase, we are going to add AR to the field and update the school to an xR art school in addition to the first phase focusing on VR. Our instructors are leading artists who have boldly incorporated digital technology into their works, and we have prepared a curriculum with diverse and essential ideas for xR expressions with a comprehensive, artistic aspect. In addition, all lectures are available online! The first term was only available in Tokyo and Kyoto, but it will be available for students from all over Japan. To learn “STYLY” and “Unity” as production tools, we will provide an environment where students can take online courses in advance (in the future, we plan to provide other online learning programs as well); students can concentrate on learning expression-specific skills and creating artworks at the school.

In fiscal 2020, we also plan to launch NEWVIEW SCHOOL in Taipei, Taiwan (details to be announced later).

Online information session will be held on 3rd June

An advance information session for those considering taking the course will be held online on Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020.

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Overview of the NEWVIEW SCHOOL

The photograph shows the appearance of school in last year.

Official website-


・Instructors are artists who explore the new expressions.

・Learn the experience design of VR and AR using “STYLY” and “Unity” with both wheels.

・Create a work to be submitted to NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 as a graduation project.

Recruitment Period

18th May 2020 (Monday, 13:00) – 12th June 2020 (Friday,17:00)


・Candidates who are engaged in creative activities and present their works (video, graphic, music, etc.)

・Who are interested in 3D representation (VR/AR/MR).

Entry conditions

・PC users, preferably with the recommended operating environment for STYLY (STYLY Studio) below,
OS: Windows (64bit), Mac GPU: discrete GPU (NVIDIA, AMD), Intel
Read more here (

・Submit your work to NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 as a graduation project

・You must have completed the online curriculum of “STYLY” and “Unity” by the opening ceremony 
※Individual notification when the learning course is confirmed after application.

・Applicants need to ensure a network environment necessary for online enrollment.

Opening date and time

4th June 2020 (Saturday) – (14 sessions in total)

7/4 (Sat), 7/11 (Sat), 7/18 (Sat), 7/25 (Sat), 8/1 (Sat), 8/8 (Sat), 8/15 (Sat), 8/22 (Sat), 8/29 (Sat), 9/5 (Sat), 9/12 (Sat), 9/26 (Sat), 10/10 (Sat), 10/17 (Sat)

16:00 – 19:00


Online lecture: Zoom

Secretariat: “TIMEMACHINE” (3/F, No. 24 Sky Building, 1-34-3, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

Online lectures, face-to-face lectures may be available after settlement of COVID-19


40 persons

Student internship: 5 students (in charge of a part of the management with our secretariat, such as writing reports; lecture fees would be waived.)

Tuition fee

50,000 yen (tax included) *For all lectures.

You will be asked to purchase the software and other items necessary for some of the lectures, which costs less than 10,000 yen.


In addition to lectures, instructors will also hold tutorial groups for giving feedback.

[Seminar Lecturer]

Shunichi Suga (Cognitive Designer)
Akihiko Taniguchi (Artist)
Kitasenju Design (programmer/AR creator)
Satoru Higa (Visual Artist/Programmer)

[Guest lecturer]

Gavin Ito (Editor)
Masatoshi Tamaru (short-short-short writer)
Akio Koizumi (Artist)

Curriculum and Schedule (tentative)

July 4th (Sat)
School Opening Ceremony and Orientation

July 11 (Sat)
Introduction- What is T3DSpatial Representation (Lecturer: Gavin Ito)

July 18 (Sat)
Introduction- Storytelling (Lecturer: Masatoshi Tamaru)

July 25 (Sat)
Introduction- Perception (Lecturer: Shunichi Suga)

August 1 (Sat)
Presentation of plan (student assignment)

August 8 (Sat)
VR Designing Expression and Experience I (Lecturer: Akihiko Taniguchi)

August 15 (Sat)
Lecture: VR Designing Expression and Experience II (Lecturer: Akio Koizumi)

August 22 (Sat)
AR (Augmented Reality) Design for Expression and Experience I (Lecturer: Kitasenju Design)

August 29 (Saturday)
AR (Augmented Reality) Design for Expression and Experience II (Lecturer: Satoru Higa)

September 5 (Sat)
Tutorial session- mid-term presentations

12 September (Sat)
Tutorial session- Assignment revision

September 26 (Sat)
Tutorial session- Brushing up your work

10/10 (Sat)
Tutorial session- Critique of the work

October 17 (Sat)
Special Support for award entry


Gavin Ito (Editor)

Born in Kanagawa, an editor and professor at Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design. He continues to be “editorially” involved in things other than editorials, such as games, exhibition spaces, advertisements, and videos. He is also active as an artist, exhibiting his work at the 2019 Aichi Triennale. Recently working on the web media NEWREEL, with focuses on visual expression.


Masatomo Tamaru (short-short writer)

Born in 1987 in Ehime, Japan. In 2011, he written his first work “Sakura”, which was published in “Monogatari no Luminarie”, and in 2012, he released “Umizake”, the winner of the first prize in Jyuritsu-sha Short Shorts Contest. Umizake was made into a short film starring Peace Naoki Matayoshi and screened at the Cannes Film Festival and other venues. He was the president of the jury for the Bokchan Literary Award, and has been a standard-bearer of contemporary short shorts, giving lectures all over Japan. The writing course will be used in Japanese language textbooks (educational publications) for fourth graders starting in 2020, and in 2005 he launched the Short Shorts Garden, a website for submissions of 400-character works, in an effort to further promote the course. He is the author of many books, including “Bottle of the Sea Color” and “Otogi Company”. Media appearances include many enthusiastic continents and SWITCH interview gurus. 

Official website:


Mr. Shunichi Suge (Cognitive Designer)

His main activity is to propose new values to society through the research and development of problem design and new expressions based on cognitive design from human perception. Main work includes ID video for NHK ETV’s 2355/0655, concept research for the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT exhibition “Unit Exhibition,” and exhibition director for the same exhibition “Athlete Exhibition. He is the author of “Difference” (co-authored, Bijutsu Shuppansha), “Behavioral Economics Comics: Henteconomics” (co-authored, Magazine House), and “Observation Practice” (NUMABOOKS). His major exhibitions include “Aichi Triennale 2019” (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, 2019), “Principles of Directionality” (SOBO, Tokyo, 2017), and “Rightly, we can only imagine. (Design Gallery 1953, Tokyo, 2019). Lecturer at the Department of Integrated Design, Tama Art University.


Akihiko Taniguchi (Artist)

Lecturer at the Media Arts Course, Department of Information Design, Tama Art University. His works are presented in various forms, including media art, net art, video and sculpture. His major exhibitions include “Internet Art in the Future – Post-Internet Reality” (ICC, 2012), “SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016” (Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, 2016), “Exuding Board” (GALLERY MIDORI, SO, Tokyo, 2015), and “Super, Now, Here” (CALM & PUNK GALLERY, Tokyo, 2017).


Meiro Koizumi (artist)

Born in 1976; in Gunma, Japan. After graduating from the International Christian University, he moved to the UK to study visual expression at Chelsea College, London. In recent years, he has participated in numerous domestic and overseas exhibitions, including Projects at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, BMW Tate Live at Tate Modern, and in 2015, his first large-scale solo exhibition, “Captured Voices Dream of Silence,” featuring both early and new works, was held at Arts Maebashi, and in 2017, his solo exhibition at VACANT, “Empire Sings Today,” with its bold images that cut deeply into the psychology of society and the individual, was met with great acclaim. At the Aichi Triennale 2019 “Tied Prometheus,” he took on the challenge of creating his first full-scale theatrical work using VR technology.


Kitasenju Design (Programmer/AR Creator)

Programmer/AR creator living in Kitasenju; engaged in research and development of visual expression on interactive media such as applications, web, and VJ. In recent years, he has been working on many works of AR, including an exhibit at the AUDIO ARCHITECTURE exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT and the development of the filter application MEISAI.


Satoru Higa (Visual Artist, Programmer)

Born in 1983. Utilizing advanced programming techniques such as real-time 3D graphics and computer vision, as well as experience in various projects, he has been involved in a wide range of production activities such as installations, stage directions, VJing, live performances, and VR works.

Founded Backspace Productions Inc. in 2019.


Psychic VR Lab Inc.


Launched in January 2018 as an experimental project/community that pioneers new creative expression and design of experiences in 3D space. With creators who embody culture in urban spaces such as fashion, music, video, graphics, and illustration, we will experiment with the design of next-generation cultural and lifestyle experiences that transcend the real and the imaginary. Through lectures and meetups in Japan and abroad, we are developing the discovery, cultivation, and exchange of next generation VR creators.




Contact: NEWVIEW office

Download the press kit below, which includes the press release and logo.