Nobuhiko Watanabe, the director/COO of Psychic VR Lab, is appointed as an advisor for the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry “XR Promotion Forum”

Nobuhiko Watanabe, the director/ COO of Psychic VR Lab (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), provider of the VR/AR/MR creative platform “STYLY” (, has been appointed as an advisor to the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s “XR Utilization Promotion Forum”.

The “XR Utilization Promotion Forum” was established as a place for firms interested in XR to exchange information. It is a project to promote XR utilization and initiatives for improving productivity and creating new business. In this project, Watanabe coordinates the working groups and supports the planning and operation of workshops.

Comments by Nobuhiko Watanabe

We have been working mainly in Tokyo, but we are honored to acquire the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of xR utilization in Osaka, attracting much attention for the upcoming Expo 2025. We believe that the use of xR will be a key in the Osaka Expo, and we will do our best for that.