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To convert the image into a 3D model using the “Autodesk Recap Photo” (hereinafter referred to as “Recap Photo”), I tried to upload to STYLY actually captured image as a 3D model. Recap Photo is also a paid version, but because it is possible to upload to STYLY to create a 3D model even in the free version, but this time I will introduce the method in the free version. ※ Recap Photo does not correspond to the MacOS because the software of Windows limited.

Autodesk user registration

First and user registration to Autodesk. https://accounts.autodesk.com/register?viewmode=iframe&ReturnUrl=%2Fauthorize%3Fviewmode%3Diframe%26lang%3Dja%26realm%3Ddownload-jp.autodesk.com%26ctx%3Dadsk-download-jp%26AuthKey%3D7a38677f-e68a -4acb-80bf-63aa7b14448f have access to, and enter the name and e-mail address, password, please create an account with a check to the consent item. Because to fill in the e-mail address confirmation e-mail arrives, press the “check e-mail” in the mail. Now a registered user of Autdesk is complete.。

Installation of Autodesk Recap Photo

https://www.autodesk.co.jp/products/recap/overview access to.

Registration screen 1

Please click on the “Download the free version” in the lower left corner.

Registration screen 2

Check whether your PC is suitable for the operating environment, please press the “Next” if there is no problem.

Registration screen 3

Column of qualification is okay either “business users”, “students or faculty.” Please choose Once you have chosen the language “Next”.

Registration screen 4

Enter the company name, State, zip code, telephone number and your country. It will start the download when finished.

Registration screen 5

Download I think that it is in this screen when you exit. Please press the “Install” on the right.


Registration screen 6

Will be asked twice to agree about the product information, and the like, and proceed to agree makes this such a screen. Since we want to install only Recap Photo, please start the installation from uncheck Recap of the above. This completes the installation of the Recap Photo. ※ installation may take a little time.

Model shooting

Let’s shoot the object you want to 3D model. This time I use my bag.

It is written body

Since the required 360-degree photos from all directions, let’s shoot while rotating around the object little by little. The image storage capacity is for 20 pieces minimum. During the shooting, as much as possible the other object is not reflected significantly in the photograph, around the object Try to not put anything,

3D modeling in Recap Photo

Modeling screen 1

Start Recap Photo that was just installed. Please press the “Object” in the “Create 3D”.

Modeling screen 2

Click on the screen, please select all the photos were taken. If there is no problem, please press the “Create”.

Modeling screen 3

In “My Cloud Drive”, there is now uploaded photos. This is where you are generating 3D models from photos in the cloud. And to model generation have finished align the cursor in the photo, because the look is down arrow at the bottom right of the photo, please download the 3D model and press it.

Modeling screen 4

When the download is complete, because the 3D model of the object in the “My Computer” is completed, please try to make sure to click.

Modeling screen 5

It is complete when I look like a 3D model. Or not elaborate Ballmer is other object, if you are or have missing objects, please try to or try to change the angle of the shot or increase the number of photos. (Tips of the shooting also will write a separate article)

Modeling screen 6

Let’s download the 3D model. Please press the right end export button on the left of the Export.

Modeling screen 7

Export formats, please to OBJ. The other set is now okay with default values. Press the “Export”, please select the destination folder.。

Upload to STYLY

I think that there are three types of files of looking at the download folder · mtl · obj · jpg. Because when you upload to STYLY is a all necessary, please select all when selecting the upload file.

Complete screen

I was able to upload to successfully Scene. Cheers for good work was was, this introduction of a method for generating a 3d model from photos with Autodesk Recap Photo is completed. It is possible to the personal belongings of those in the 3D model, please try to up to STYLY and what you like to 3D models!

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