How to export VRM from VRoid and upload it to STYLY

Check the model with STYLY WebEditor

VRoid is a Windows/Mac application that allows you to create the 3D model of a humanoid avatar (character).

It’s free for anyone to use.

In this article, I explain how to create a 3D model with VRoid, animate it and upload it to STYLY. Access VRoid (

Click the ‘Download’ button

Click the ‘Download’ button on the top page.

Select your OS

Read the terms of service and privacy policy.

Select your OS, Windows or Mac. After completing the download, launch VRoid.

How to use VRoid and export the model

The menu screen

The menu screen of VRoid is shown above.

① Some sample 3D models have been prepared.

② The 3D models you create will be shown here.

③ Click it to create a new 3D model.

Whichever 3D model (①~③) is selected, the ‘Edit’ screen shown below will appear.

The ‘Edit’ screen

In this ‘Edit’ screen, you can edit the face, hairstyle, body and costume.

As the detail of each function is well explained in the site below, please refer to it if you want to adjust the finer details of the model.

In this article, I export an existing 3D model and upload it to STYLY, so I explain how to export the model next.

Select ‘Camera/Exporter’.

Click the ‘Camera/Exporter’ button in the top-right corner.

Select ‘Export’.

Click ‘Export’.

Select the ‘Export’ button.

It displays the information about the export, so click ‘Export’ if you didn’t see any problems.

the setting for VRM

Then, the screen to set the information about the 3D model appears.

After filling in the required fields, press ‘OK’ to register the information about the avatar and save the VRM file.

This completes the export. Next, we add animation to the VRM file exported.

Animate VRM model

The sections ‘#2 Use VRM model’ and ‘#3 Use motions’ in the past article

explains how to animate the VRM model exported, so please refer to it.

After setting up the animation, upload the animated VRM model to STYLY, referring to ‘#5 Upload to STYLY’ in the same article.

Check the model with STYLY WebEditor

Now you can check the motion with STYLY Web Editor.

Congratulations! That’s all for the explanation of how to animate a VRoid model and upload it to STYLY.

There are a lot of ways to utilize VRoid and create animation, so please try creating models and motions in your favourite way!