Compress textures with image file size reduction software “XnConvert”

In this

article, we will show you how to reduce texture size using XnConvert

, a software program that

converts multiple image files into a single


What is XnConvert


XnConvert is a software program that converts multiple image files into a single format.


allows various image adjustments such as resizing, rotating, cropping, adding text and watermarks.

Click here for the official website.

How to Download XnConvert


Mac users, please download here.


Windows users, please access here and click “Setup Win 32bit” or “Setup Win 64bit” in the image below to download.


Installing the Windows version

Why reduce texture size

? Because the

behavior of your work depends on the size of the image used as the texture.


larger the texture size, the slower it loads and the choppier the movement.


also reduces memory consumption and overall application space.

Why use XnConvert


reducing texture size, you will be reducing the size of a large number of images.

It is

difficult to do it steadily one by one so we will use XnConvert which can convert image sizes in bulk.

How to use XnConvert

Here is how

to actually use XnConvert.

We will show you how to use it while reducing the size of three jpg files in bulk.

Add the images you wish to convert

Open XnConvert.

In the “File” tab

ファイルを追加をクリック Click Add Files[/caption]

“test1.png”, “test2.png” and “test3.png” are added


The file is added

Add the process you want to run

Next, we will add the process we want to run in the “Behavior” tab.

Here we want to resize the image, so we select “Resize”.

We want to resize the image keeping the ratio at 500px width, so we set the values as shown in the image below



Next, on the “Output” tab, enter the destination information for the resized image.

Click the

“…” button and select the folder to which you want to output the resized image.


Set the output destination

Next, enter the name of the resized image.

Set it where it says “filename” as shown in the image below


Here it is “{Filename}_result”, so “test1.png” will be converted to “test1_result.png” and so on.

After completing the settings, press the “Convert” button.


Set the file name after output

After pressing the “Convert” button, you will be taken to the “Status” tab.

If the screen looks like this image, the resizing is complete


Completion screen

If you look at the folder you set as the output destination, you can see that the image has been resized well


Checking the image after output


this article, we have shown you how to download XnConvert and how to use it

. We

hope you will use this software to make your work of reducing texture size more comfortable