New assets added to enrich ‘Sky and Grounds’ in STYLY

Some new assets have been added to ‘Sky and Grounds’, which is the foundation of the Scene creation, so I will introduce them here.

The ‘Sky and Ground’ menu screen

In ‘Sky and Grounds’, there are

  • Directional Light :The light source to illuminate the entire Scene ※No update this time
  • Skybox       :The celestial sphere covering the Scene like the sky
  • Ground       :Ground/Floor
  • Animated Ground  :Animated Ground/Floor


‘Skybox’ is the celestial sphere covering the entire Scene.

By replacing the Skybox, you can change the impression of the Scene significantly.

Replacing ‘Skybox’


‘Ground’ renders a ground or floor.


Replacing ‘Ground’

Animated Ground

‘Animated Ground’ renders an animated ground or floor. This is the first time it’s been added to STYLY.

Replacing ‘Animated Ground’