[STYLY Studio UPDATE] January 20, 2023 – YouTube Embedding Discontinued / Video Screen Assets Added

In this update, we have discontinued the YouTube embed feature in the asset selector.
Furthermore, we have added new screen assets for My uploads>Video.


 Update Details

YouTube Embedding Discontinued

In this update, we have discontinued support for embedding YouTube videos in scenes.

YouTube assets used in existing scenes are not affected by this update, but if you delete them from your scene, they cannot be restored.
HoloStream video support will be continued, and can be uploaded via External media>HoloStream.

Additional Custom Screen Assets for Video Uploads

With YouTube embedding discontinued, several screens that were previously exclusive to the YouTube feature and more are now available for uploaded videos via My uploads>Video.

We will go over the newly available screens below:

Regular Screens

  • 16:9 Screen
  • Curved Screen
  • Holographic Screen 1
16:9 Screen、Curved Screen 、Holographic Screen 1

16:9 Screen, Curved Screen, and Holographic Screen 1

New Properties for Regular Screens

  • Loop

Toggle to loop video.


  • Video Volume

Adjust the volume of the video here.
* Sound Mode has been replaced by the Video Volume feature.

Loop、Video Volume

Loop and Video Volume Properties

Animated Screens

  • Dots
  • Shatter

    Dots and Shatter Animated Screens

New Properties for Animated Screens

  • Loop

Set to a value of 0.1 or higher to loop the video.


  • Mute

Set to a value of 0.1 or higher to mute the video.


Loop and Mute Properties

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