STYLY Studio Manual – How to Use the SkyAndLights Set

The SkyAndLights Set is an asset that has a Skybox with matching Lighting as one asset.

It can be used to quickly create realistic lighting in your scene, such as natural lighting or photo studios.


Sample Scene

Below is a sample scene using the SkyAndLights Set:

Where to find the SkyAndLights Set

You can find the asset by following the instructions below.

First, click the add assets icon.


Click the add assets icon

Then, click “Environment.”


Click “Environment”

Lastly, click “Skybox” to open the list of Skybox Sets, and “Light” to open SkyAndLights Sets.


Click “Skybox” to view Skybox Sets, and “Light” to view SkyAndLights Sets

List of Assets

SkyAndLights Set

The SkyAndLights Set will add a Skybox with suitable Lighting to your scene. This will automatically set the lighting and reflections in the correct state.

As of now, there are 26 Lighting sets in total.

SkyAndLights Set一覧

List of SkyAndLights Sets inside the Light menu

Skybox Set

The Skybox Set includes 26 types of Skyboxes, such as landscapes and photo studios.
Unlike the SkyAndLights Set, the lighting of your scene will not be affected by the Skybox you choose.


Skybox Sets can be found inside the Skybox menu


List of Skyboxes


The color of Skyboxes are fixed by default, but the asset “SkyAndLights_ChangeableGradient_Skybox” lets you choose up to three colors to create a custom skybox gradient.

As with other Skyboxes, you can add it from Add Assets > Environment > Skybox.

sky color Sets the sky color
horizon color Sets the horizon color
ground color Sets the ground color

How to the Use SkyAndLights Set

Create a Scene

First, open STYLY Studio and create a new scene using the VR Scene Template.

VR Scene Template

VR Scene Template

Delete the default Directional Light by clicking the gear icon in the Directional Light menu and selecting “Delete.”

Directional light

Deleting the default Directional light

Next, let’s place some models inside your scene.

Place your own 3D model from Add Assets > My Uploads > 3D Model, or select a 3D model from Add Assets > 3D Object > Model.


Placing objects in your STYLY Studio scene

Add a SkyAndLights Set

Now, let’s choose a SkyAndLights Set from Add Assets > Environment > Lights.
A Skybox and matching Lights will be added to your STYLY scene.

SimpleSky PlumDusk Set

Example of the SimpleSky PlumDusk Set

Using the Style Change Modifier

You can add a Style Change modifier to an object and change its appearance.

To add the modifier, click on the object’s gear icon and select “Add modifier.”

Add modifier

Add modifier

Type “Style change” into the search bar, and select a modifier you’d like to use on your object.

Style change

Style change

Please refer to the following article to learn more about the style change modifier:


Keep in mind that only one SkyAndLights Set or Skybox Set can be placed in each STYLY scene.
Therefore, if a Set is placed in a STYLY scene where there is a Skybox already, the original Skybox will be replaced.

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