How to experience the STYLY VR scene (Steam version STYLY VR APP)

In this article, we will explain how to experience VR scenes created with STYLY with the Steam version of STYLY VR APP (Oculus Rift / Rift S / HTC VIVE / Valve Index / Windows MR).

Those who have Oculus Rift / Rift S / HTC VIVE / Valve Index / Windows MR

How to download and install STYLT VR APP

Introducing how to download STYLY VR APP.

Download page for STYLY VR APP for Steam

Go to the Steam site.
You can also find it by searching for STYLY on Steam.



Scroll down and click the Free button.

Steam screen

The message “Do you have Steam?” Is displayed.
If you already have Steam installed, click “Yes, Steam is installed”.
If you haven’t installed it yet, click “No, you need to install Steam”.

If you have Steam installed, please proceed.
If you haven’t installed Steam yet, please install Steam.

Steam screen

The Steam login screen will open. Enter your account name and password and click the [Login] button.

Steam screen

The STYLY installation screen will be displayed. Click the [Next>] button.
This completes the installation of STYLY VR APP.

STYLY installation screen

How to start STYLY VR APP

Introducing how to start STYLY VR APP.

STYLY VR APP startup screen

Make sure that the following is completed before starting.

  • The initial settings of the VR headset and the connection with the PC have been completed
  • SteamVR is installed
  • SteamVR status is available

Menu description of STYLY VR APP

Introducing the menu.
When you start STYLY VR APP, the following screen will appear.

STYLY VR APP top screen


  • Home button: Switches to the Home screen. Recommended scenes are displayed.
  • My Scenes button: Switches to the My Scene screen. You will be taken to the page where the scene created with the logged-in account is displayed.
  • My Photos button: On the My Photos page, you can see the photos taken in the VR space. * Currently, the shooting function is not available.
  • History button: You can check the browsing history of the scene.
  • Scene Editor button: Opens STYLY Studio.


  • Reload button: Executes the reload process.

③Online / Offline switching

  • Online / Offline switch button: Switches between Online mode and Offilne mode. A scene once started in Online mode can be started in Offline mode (without internet communication) from the next time. The cache of the scene once started in Online mode is saved on the PC.

④Sign in

  • Sign in button: Opens the Sign in form. If you want to log in, log in here.

⑤Sign Up

  • Sign Up button: Opens the Sign up window. The Sign up screen (browser) will be launched.


  • Setting button: Displays the Cash Clear button and Exit button. If you are Signing in, you will see Sign Out.


Home is the TOP screen that starts up when you start STYLY VR APP.
Recommended scenes are displayed.
Click the thumbnail image of the scene you want to experience to start the VR experience.

Home screen

My Scenes

With My Scenes, you can experience the scenes of the account logged in to STYLY.
Since you can experience scenes that have not been released, you can go through the VR space creation cycle of creating with STYLY Studio and checking with My Scenes.
Click the thumbnail image of the scene you want to experience to start the VR experience.

My Scenes

How to log in

When you click the Sign in button, an email address and password input form will appear. Enter your account information.
Then click the Sign in button to log in.

How to log in

How to log out

Click the gear icon at the top right of the window.
Then click the Sign Out button.

How to log out

My Photos

With the My Photos page, you can check the photos taken in the VR space.
* Currently, the shooting function is stopped.

My Photos TOP screen


In History, you can check the browsing history of the scene.


How to use STYLY VR APP

When STYLY VR APP starts up, please log in.
The login procedure is introduced in the following article.

Introducing how to use STYLY VR APP.



When STYLY VR APP is launched, 5 cube menus will be displayed.

  1. “Recommend”: List of recommended scenes
  2. “Latest”: List of scenes (in order of most recent post)
  3. “History”: Scene browsing history
  4. “My List”: A list of scenes where My List is checked in STYLY Gallery and STYLY VR APP
  5. “My Scene”: List of scenes I created

Hover over the cube and pull the trigger button to see a list of each scene.
If you like the scenes created by other artists, you can add them to My List so that you can experience them without searching with STYLY VR APP.

STYLY GallaryでMyListに入れる

Add to My List with STYLY Gallary

How to operate and move STYLY VR APP

Select the scene you want to experience, place the point on the play button and pull the trigger button to start the scene.

Launch the scene


You can rotate the viewpoint in that direction by pushing the stick left or right.




When you push the stick in the direction you want to move the controller, a blue parabola and a light blue border will appear beyond it.
The blue parabola means “movable”, and you can move it to the light blue border by releasing the stick.



If a red parabola appears, you cannot move to that point.

赤いカーソル 部分には移動できない

Cannot move to the red cursor part

VR Edit Mode

There is a “VR Edit Mode” function that allows you to edit the scene within the STYLY VR APP.

VR Edit Modeを起動

Launch VR Edit Mode

It is very convenient because you can edit the scene while actually checking the size and distance of the object in the VR space.
The following is a manual article of VR Edit Mode, so please refer to it when using it.

System Requirements for the Experience

The following are the minimum/recommended system requirements for experiencing the game with the STYLY VR APP for Steam.


  • Requirement: 64bit processor and OS are required
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 equivalent or better
    • Memory: 8GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 equivalent or better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8GB of available space