STYLY Chosen As The Main Platform For “INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC by au vol.3 Suda Keina”

Jointly organized by Psychic VR Lab (Headquarter locates at Shinjuku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Masahiro Yamaguchi), the provider of the creative platform specialized for creating and publishing VR/AR/MR contents “STYLY (”, KDDI Corporation (Office locates at Chiyoda, Tokyo. President: Makoto Takahashi; hereinafter referred to as KDDI), PIA Corporation (Headquarter locates at Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. President: Hiroshi Yanai; hereinafter referred to as PIA), and A-Sketch Co., Ltd. (Headquarter locates at Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Representative Director: Shinsuke Soma), the XR Art Exhibition “INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC by au vol.3 Suda Keina”—a part of the “uP!!!NEXT Suda Keina~BANSUI~ powered by au 5G,” an event jointly organized by KDDI and PIA on January 24, 2020—has chosen STYLY as its main platform for content publishing and broadcasting.

AR Content Production:haquxx

AR Content Production:haquxx

INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC by au vol.3 Suda Keina

Overview:By launching “STYLY,” an application dedicated to experiencing AR artworks, and scanning the dedicated markers with their smartphones, users can experience the Suda Keina’s special AR contents appearing from empty space. The art exhibition offers users the opportunity to experience the artist’s interpretation of the world right in the middle of the town. With the application, users can experience the exhibition as they head to the live venue, or even when preparing to return home.



Exhibition Period:From January 24, 2020, to January 31, 2020

How to experience:

Experiencable Artworks:

About Suda Keina

Together with the music label Warner Music Japan—unBORDE, on January 24, 2020, Suda Keina has released “Haru Donari,” the main theme song for the TV drama “ALIVE—A Cancerologist’s Medical Record” (アライブ—がん専門医のカルテ) which is aired on FujiTV from January to March 2020. First debuted under the name “Balloon,” Suda Keina began his music career as a Vocaloid Producer on the distributing platform Nico Nico Douga. In addition to his own cover version, “Sharuru”—one of Suda’s most popular work—reached over 70 million views on YouTube and took the first place on JOYSOUND’s 2017 Released Songs Overall Ranking board. Not stopping there, “Sharuru” took the first place for 2017, 2018, and 2019 Karaoke Ranking board for the Teenage Division. For the younger generations, “Sharuru” can be said to be one of the symbolic hit songs of the age.

In October 2017, the artist changed his name to “Suda Keina” in the hope of bringing his songs to the audiences using his own voice. In January 2019, the artist released his first EP “teeter” under the music label Warner Music Japan—unBORDE.

In August 2019, Suda Keina released “porte,” the artist’s second EP, which landed in the TOP 5 on Oricon Weekly Album Ranking. This new release, whose songs, lyrics, and arrangements are written by Suda himself, carries unexpectable toxicity and audacity, fusing carefully selected sounds with brilliant sensations enclosed within the lyrics and melodies to capture the listeners’ attention. After its release, the EP has received significant supports from listeners of the younger generations.

About uP!!!NEXT

Organized by the entertainment service uP!!!, a service launched through the joint effort of KDDI and PIA, the invitation-only uP!!!NEXT is a live event whose main purpose is to connect the music world’s pioneering artists with trend-sensitive users. Until the present day, the event has been organized for 17 different times. uP!!!NEXT Suda Keina is the event’s 18th step toward fulfilling its mission.

Organized Events:
Vol.1 (October 2013)—Rina Katahira/Sayaka Shionoya/Serena
Vol.2 (October 2013)—Ailee
Vol.3 (November 2013)—Hideyuki Kuronuma/Salley/Nasu Asako
Vol.4 (January 2014)—asobius/Scenario Art/TAM TAM
Vol.5 (February 2014)—Sasaki Hendrix/THE TON-UP MOTORS/Bakudan Johnny
Vol.6 (March 2014)—Sentimental Vector/Tsuzuku Band/Tesla Wa Nakanai
Vol.7 (April 2014)—aquarifa/HOWL BE QUIET/Hitorie
Vol.8 (June 2014)—akasick/GLIM SPANKY/Hondana no Moyoko
Vol.9 (October 2014)—Gesu no Kiwami Otome
Vol.10 (January 2015)—KANA-BOON
Vol.11 (July 2015)—SHISHAMO
Vol.12 (February 2016)—Kenshi Yonezu
Vol.13 (September 2016)—Wednesday Campanella
Vol.14 (January 2017)—BLUE ENCOUNT
Vol.15 (June 2017)—WANIMA
Vol.16 (January 2018)—Yabai T-shirts Yasan
Vol.17 (April 2018)—Taiiku Okazaki

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