STYLY has won the Okawa Dream Award for VR Creative Award 2019

Psychic VR Lab, the company that provides the VR creative platform ‘STYLY’, won the ‘Okawa Dream Award’ for the VR Creative Award 2019 competition.

STYLY has won the Okawa Dream Award for VR Creative Award 2019

The details of the STYLY Demo

We used 10 MirageSolo’s for the VR/MR demo of the STYLY multi player function.

For the final jury, the 9 judge’s experienced the demo simultaenously. The host showed 12 scenes in order, while explaining the STYLY system, the details of the NEWVIEW activities and creations, and concluded the demo with VR/MR worlds created with the theme where VR and MR has become a common.

NOTE:This function is still in development.


Pictures of the STYLY Demo

Judge Comments


[Fujii] I got excited for the future possibilities of STYLY as an platform.
[Kondo] Experiencing photogrammetry with friends was very fun. I felt that this is a new innovation for archiving.
[Ochiai] Being able to share the experience has made it next level.
[Nishikawa] I bet it will become even more exciting if everyone becomes able to real-time edit the scene.
[Kubota] The service is evolving as new functions such as multi mode, MR mode is in development.
[Mizuguchi] I felt that the future of the service as a platform has begun. I am excited for the future of STYLY not only for content, but for social experiences and further development of creative functions.
[Nanjo] STYLY showed possibility as a practical platform for business. I have high hopes for the future possibilities of the service.
[Inami] The quality of the experience has tremendously improved with the availability to share it.


What is STYLY?

STYLY is a VR creative platform for artists where they can create their original worlds.

By using STYLY, creators can fully use their imagination to create conceptual shopping areas, installation arts, or art gallaries and more. Also, creators can create and share experiences not possible in the real world via the internet.

Users can create and edit VR worlds from a web browser, and the service is compatible with Mac and Windows. One of it’s strengths is that the service does not require VR ready computers, and can work on an average one. It can also be used with 3D softwares such as MAYA and Blender, services such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram. The interface is simple and users can easily import data files and use them in their worlds.

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