Art Breathed to Life by VR:“GENJU,”by YAMAKEIART

This article introduces artist/tattooist Keiichi Yamada’s VR work “GENJU.”

We introduce Keiichi Yamada’s career and explain how to appreciate his work using VR.

Having read this article, you will be able to enjoy his work even more.


Artist Profile: Keiichi Yamada

Keiichi Yamada is an artist/tattooist based in Miyazaki, Japan.

His style is based on Japanese-style paintings and depicts creatures and landscapes through the technique of “bleachart”: painting with bleach on dark-colored cloth.


Keiichi Yamada(@yamakeiart)がシェアした投稿

Using brush strokes, materials, compositions, motifs and perspectives taken from and inspired by the world of Japanese paintings, he is now trying his hand at VR/NFT art.

In this article, we introduce “GENJU,” which is presented as a VR work.


The focal elements of this work are the three animals. These animals have the characteristics of a “Chinese dragon” and a “Chinese phoenix.” These animals are the “Genju” (phantom beasts).

Chinese phoenix


Chinese dragon

These Genju are represented in 3D computer graphics (3DCG) created using OpenBrush, a VR painting software.

Each line was drawn by the artist and then assembled to form a single shape and image.

Individual Lines

OpenBrush’s signature lines, with their particles and animations, give a dynamic impression.



This scene is characterized by the Japanese painting-like composition in which the OpenBrush-created Genju are arranged.


When the three beasts are viewed in a single composition, they seem to be glaring at and talking to each other. The composition creates a story for the Genju.

These vibrant creatures are recreated with modern technology and given new life through a Japanese painting idiom.

Enjoy the appreciation of each life form.

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