The presence of heterogeneity and fashion through 3DCG: “Perminute NewView”: PERMINUTE

In this article, I will introduce “Perminute NewView”, a work by fashion brand “PERMINUTE” that participated in NEWVIEW CYPHER 2021.

NEWVIEW CYPHER is a project in which artists and creators who are active outside of XR activities use STYLY to create XR.

Twelve artists and creators are participating in this project, and we will be featuring reviews of their scenes in Pick Up Scene.




PERMINUTE is a womenswear brand based in Tokyo, Japan.
PERMINUTE started presenting its collections from 2017SS season. The brand concept is “to create a new form of life and clothing through unique experiments and processes”.

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So far, they have presented various collections of womenswear.

21SS Gathered long shirt 'INHALE

21SS Gathered long shirt ‘INHALE

About “Perminute NewView”

When you launch the work, the 3D scanned pieces are placed on the scene.

21SS Gathered long shirt 'INHALE

21SS Gathered long shirt ‘INHALE

Not only the latest collection, but also the past works are scanned and placed.


The 3DCG garments have a strong presence in the scene. This is felt through the nature of the textures and polygons generated by the scans.

Due to technical and capacity issues, the scanned garments do not reproduce 100 percent of the real garments.

Low-resolution textures and polygons are also not smooth. Some people see these imperfections as a negative.

But is it really a negative thing?

In art criticism of 3DCG, heterogeneity is often discussed. Heterogeneity, in other words, refers to a state in which the shape or aspect is different from the norm.

The scanned clothes also capture this heterogeneity. They lose their sense of reality and give off a special presence and aura.

Depending on how you perceive this heterogeneity, the way you see the work and communicate with the 3DCG will change.

How you perceive the work

How you perceive the work

PERMINUTE also produces video works using scanned clothes and the VR world built with 3DCG.

PERMINUTE’s video works are exported and composited using screen recordings with STYLY scenes.

In the past, artist and animator “NuQ” has used STYLY to create music videos.

By using VR scenes in a friendly way, you can create video works.


I have focused on the heterogeneity of 3DCG and introduced works.

You may find new discoveries not only from perspectives other than those mentioned above, but also by viewing them carefully.


  • Experience the scene from your smartphone

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Once the download is complete, click on the image below to access the scene. Scan the QR code on the scene page to view the artwork.

  • Experience the scene from PC / VR

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