Introduction to Free3D, a free 3D model website

In this article, I introduce a 3D model website ‘Free3D’. I will explain the contents of the website, how to create your account, how to download a model and etc. And then, let’s import the downloaded 3D model into STYLY to check how it looks.

About Free3D

Free3D is a website where you can download free 3D models. It supports a variety of file formats and there are rigged models, animation models and etc. available. In addition, paid 3D models are sold in the ‘premium model’ category.

You can access to the top page of the official Free3D website from here.

Free3D – top page

About Free3D website

Firstly, I will show the Free3D website.

If you want to switch language, click on the language you want to use from the list at the bottom of the website.

Switch languages

How to find a model

There are various ways to find a model:

Free 3D Models: You can search for all free 3D models.
Premium 3D Models: You can search for paid 3D models.
Search Box: You can search for models by a keyword
Search by data type: You can search for 3D models compatible with each 3D modelling software.

How to search for models #1


Basically, it has a descriptive icon-based UI, so it’s easy to use even for a beginner.

How to search for models #2


However, there are not many free models available. Honestly, I am not totally sure whether it’s a really free-model-oriented website. For example, I found no aeroplane models. Even in ‘Premium 3D models’, I couldn’t find any.

It doesn’t seem that there is a wide range of models, from general to specific ones.

The search result – ‘Aeroplane’


Currently, the number of models is 32536, which doesn’t sound a small number. But, some categories don’t have any models available (As of 18th July 2019).

The total number of the models available

Create your account

Once you create your Free3D account, ‘My Page’ is created. It allows you to purchase paid models, send/receive messages and sell models in Free3D.

Firstly, click ‘Create free Account‘ in the top right corner of the screen.

Create your account #1


Enter your e-mail address or link your SNS account to create your Free3D account.
Click ‘Sign Up‘ to complete it.

Create your account #2

There was ‘Create free Account’ button in the top right corner, but now it has changed into ‘My Page’ button to show the details.

Create your account #3

Download a model from Free3D

Now, let’s download a model.

This time let’s download a model in FBX format.
By the way, even if you select a model in FBX format, all formats supported by the selected model will be compressed into a ZIP file and downloaded.

Download a 3D model #1


Find your favourite model and go to the page of the model you selected.

Download a 3D model #2


Click the download button at the bottom of the model page.

Download a 3D model #3


After pressing the download button, you will find the window shown below by scrolling up the screen a bit. Click the highlighted in the red box below to start downloading.

It’s a bit confusing, but, if the download doesn’t start even after pressing the download button, try scrolling up the screen to check whether there is this small window.

Download a 3D model #4


The following is the downloaded data. It contains all data supported by the selected model.

Download a 3D model #5


Now, you have downloaded a 3D model successfully.

Import the downloaded model to STYLY

Once you get a 3D model prepared, let’s check the final state by importing it to STYLY.
Log in to STYLY and create a VR space. Please read this article to create your STYLY account from here.


STYLY – top page

Go to the import screen by pressing the asset icon (①) and then ‘3D Model’ (②).
After the model is uploaded, click the model added to ‘My Models’.

STYLY – 3D model import window

There are many zip files attached, but the textures were not applied when I uploaded the zipped 3D file as it is. So, I recompressed the textures and the fbx data into a zip file and uploaded it to apply the textures to the model.

We need to compress the data shown below. As the textures have been compressed into a separate file, uncompress them and then recompress them with the fbx files.

How to apply the texture

Upload the recompressed zip file.

Now, the model has been imported successfully as shown in the following screenshot. As seen above, when the zipped 3D file doesn’t include texture information, you could recompress 3D files with texture files and upload them to STYLY.

The imported model


How did you find this tutorial?

Compared to other 3D model websites, this website looks easy to use thanks to its simple site design. Searching by data type is actually helpful for everyone including CG beginners. Please make good use of this site if you are interested in.