Hello Everyone! Today we learn that how can we resolve the texture issue that we are faced when we download a character from Mixamo and import it into STYLY via Unity it’s texture not visible to you like showing in the picture. So first step is to select that character prefab and go to the “Inspector” and click on the “Materials”. After clicking on Material now click on “Extract Textures” an window open like this now you have to create and empty folder in this directory. After this now click on Extract Material and select that same folder that you created earlier. Now you can see that the texture is visible to the character. Apply diffuse shadder on it tutorial already available on website you can check that. Now simply upload your character's into STYLY.

About Styly

STYLY is a cloud-based service for creating high quality, beautiful VR spaces that doesn’t require any coding.

By using STYLY, creators can express their imaginations indefinitely and build a variety of virtual spaces.

Through these spaces, we can share experiences that are unachievable in the real world.

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Ryohei Watanabe

Ryohei Watanabe

VR Inside元創刊編集長。Psychic VR Labが提供するVRクリエイティブプラットフォーム「STYLY( )」に惚れ込み、2018年1月よりChief Media Officerとして同社へ移籍。