Creating a VR Scene using FREE 3D models from BLEND SWAP

Today, I will introduce you a easy way to create VR contents that I want to recommend to those that are afraid they are not good at art.
What we are going to do is, to use free 3D models and STYLY, and create a VR scene.
First, let’s find and download free nice 3D models from a site called “BLEND SWAP”.


BLEND SWAP is a site that was made to share 3D models created by the 3D modelling software Blender.
You will probably be surprised by the quality of the models in the site.
We can even use these models by free, so there is no reason not to.
In this tutorial, I am going to create a StarWars sky battle scene in STYLY, with the help of BLEND SWAP.
「Trench Run」 by TheArtofScott

“Trench Run” by TheArtofScott



You can try out the sample scene at the STYLY GALLERY.


Downloading a 3D Model

First, sign up for a member at BLEND SWAP, and download a 3D model.


「X-Wing」 by benjob

“X-Wing” by benjob


「Tie Fighter」 by benjob

“Tie Fighter” by benjob


「Vader Tie Fighter」 by benjob

“Vader Tie Fighter” by benjob


Let’s download a skyscape with stars too.

「Starry Sky」 by Francesco Ungaro

“Starry Sky” by Francesco Ungaro


Importing to Unity

The .blend file you downloaded is accessible from [My Models & Upload].


Upload a BLEND file from the STYLY editor


I uploaded all three models.


All files imported


Building up the scene

Next, I will explain the steps I took to create the scene.


Change the Skybox to Dark



Change Ground to Off



Place the x-wing model


Tie Fighterを追加する

Add the Tie Fighter model


操縦席が見えるよう「Vader Tie Fighter」を配置する

Place the Vader Tie Fighter so that you can see the cockpit


Polyの「pink ball」を追加する

Add pink ball from Poly


pink ballをアフターファイアとして配置する

Place the pink ball as after fires


Polyの「concrete ground texture」を追加する

Add concrete ground texture from Poly


concrete dround texture を壁として配置する

Place concrete ground texture as a wall



Open the upload window for images



Upload a skyscape image



Choose to import using the original aspects



Place the sky image so that the player can see it on his or her front


The cockpit is a bit poor in details, but that is it for this article.


Trying to create a VR scene from scratch is very hard if you have not decided on what you want to create.

But if you first try to create a scene from your favorite movie or manga, it’s not that hard, and is very fun!

I hope you try out creating your favourite scene with STYLY!