How to experience 0b4k3’s XR LIVE “CUE”

This article explains how to experience the XR LIVE “CUE” by last year’s NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 PARCO Prize winner 0b4k3, which will be performed at the “NEWVIEW FEST2021” OPENING PARTY on Saturday, January 22, from 21:00-22:00 (JST).

About 0b4k3

0b4k3 is also the organizer of the virtual club “GHOSTCLUB” in VRChat, and the quality and completeness of the space is so high that it is reminiscent of reality.
As this is an XR LIVE event, it will be a must-see to see how the real space and the virtual space fuse together.

Mr. 0b4k3

GHOSTCLUB” website is here.

How to experience 0b4k3’s XR LIVE “CUE”

If you are using a web browser, press the play button for the following scene at 21:00(JST) to experience it.
*For best viewing experience, iPhone and PCVR are recommended.

For PCVR users

STYLY Steam version

If you are using SteamVR, please refer to this page.


If you are using VIVEPORT, please refer to this page.

For standalone VR users

Oculus Quest,Quest2

If you are using a standalone VR such as Quest, Quest2, etc., please refer to this article.

If you experience it with a smartphone

STYLY Mobile

If you are using a smartphone, please click here to install the app.

App Store

Google Play

After installing and launching the app, select CAMERA in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.


Scan the QR code below to experience the app.

Select CAMERA and scan the QR code.

Multiple people can experience the scene using the Session function

You can use the STYLY Session function to experience the event with multiple people.
For more information about the session function, please refer to here.

Watch the video streaming

2022.01.22(sat) 21:00-22:00 (JST) Scheduled @Live Streaming