The camera image of VR Client is now sent to the PC display.

The First-person view of VR Client

By activating the camera mode, the image surrounded by the red frame (See the screenshot above) is sent to the PC display.


How it looks on the PC display when you switch the view in VR Client from the First-person view to the camera mode

You can also record a video as if you used a handheld camcorder in VR Client.



大学3年です。普段はAdobe PremiereProとAfterEffectsを使った動画制作をやっていて、今はVRの勉強もしています。 ↓Twitter↓ https://twitter.com/Hitori_Hara ↓YouTube↓ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0bKcaSRqufMRAbHq2lCb-Q?view_as=subscriber

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