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STYLY now supports ‘Poly API’ that allows users to directly import the assets from ‘Google Poly’, a shared site with thousands of 3D models downloadable.

Until now, it was still possible to import the assets provided in STYLY or uploaded by users. However, the possibilities of expression in VR space are drastically widened by supporting ‘Google Poly’ that allows you to access thousands of assets.


■ What is ‘Google Poly’?

‘Google Poly’ is a shared site with 3D models and scenes downloadable, which is provided by Google.

Previously, when you want to use a shared 3D model in VR, you need to download it at first and then install it to the application. But, supporting ‘Poly API’ has made it possible to import assets directly to the application, which helps you to work more seamlessly.

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Ryohei Watanabe

VR Inside元創刊編集長。Psychic VR Labが提供するVRクリエイティブプラットフォーム「STYLY( https://styly.cc/ )」に惚れ込み、2018年1月よりChief Media Officerとして同社へ移籍。

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