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STYLY has opened a site called “STYLY Gallery” where you can experience and share VR spaces.

How to enter a VR space

  1. Access “STYLY Gallery” (http://gallery.styly.cc/)
  2. Click a VR space you like
  3. Click the VRHMD icon on the right
  4. Dive into the VR space!

※ You need to download STYLY VR VIEWER (https:/styly.cc/download/) in order to experience the VR space


Use the camera function to become a VR photographer

A camera function has been added, so you can now take photos of your favorite spot in VR, and post in to the Gallery. Pictures you take will be saved in MyPhotos in the STYLY VR VIEWER, so select the picture you want to upload, and post it to the Gallery.

You can also choose to share it to Twitter/Facebook from the STYLY Gallery details page. (http://gallery.styly.cc/)

Become a VR photographer, and take your very own, original photo in numerous spaces, and publish it to the world.


You can now use WebView too

You can not only experience VR spaces via VR HMDs, but for those who don’t have HMDs, you can enjoy the spaces by watching them in WebView. You can select the VR option or WebView option from the icons on the right in the contents introduction page.

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Ryohei Watanabe

VR Inside元創刊編集長。Psychic VR Labが提供するVRクリエイティブプラットフォーム「STYLY( https://styly.cc/ )」に惚れ込み、2018年1月よりChief Media Officerとして同社へ移籍。

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STYLY is a cloud-based service for creating high quality,beautiful VR spaces that doesn’t require any coding. By using STYLY, creators can express their imaginations indefinitely and build a variety of virtual spaces. Through these spaces, we can share experiences that are unachievable in the real world.