How to Register your Wallet Address on STYLY

You can upload NFTs on STYLY by following the steps below:

Preparing your STYLY Account

If you do not have a STYLY account, create one first.

(If you already have an account, go to section “Preparing the Browser/Extension”.)

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button in the header.
  2. Enter your username, email address and password.
  3. Click “Create account” to complete creating your STYLY account.

Preparing the Browser/Extension

The following environment is recommended for using NFTs in STYLY.

(If you already have the compatible environment, go to section “Registering your Wallet Address to STYLY”.)

Install Google Chrome

Download and install Google Chrome from the Google Chrome website.

Install MetaMask

  1. In Google Chrome, access the Chrome Web Store and search for the MetaMask extension. Click “Add to Chrome”.
  2. A confirmation dialog will appear, so click “Add Extension”.
  3. The extension will be added to Chrome and you will be automatically redirected to the MetaMask website.

Creating your Wallet

  1. Click “Get started” on the MetaMask website.

  2. Read the description and click “I agree”.

  3. Create a new wallet by clicking “Create a wallet”.

  4. Create a password for your account.

  5. Watch the tutorial video and click “Next”.

  6. Click inside the red frame to display your Secret Recovery Phrase.

  7. The Secret Recovery Phrase will be used for restoring your account.

    Make sure to save the phrase in a text editor or password manager, and once you have written it down, click “Next”.

  1. Enter the Secret Recovery Phrase by rearranging the words below the textbox and click “Confirm”.

  2. This completes the process. Clicking “All done” will take you to your wallet page.

Registering your Wallet Address to STYLY

  1. After logging into STYLY, click on your account icon in the header and select “Setting”.

  2. Click “Wallet Address”.

  3. Click “Connect with MetaMask”.

  4. A MetaMask pop-up will appear. Confirm your account and click “Next”.

  5. Click “Connect”.

  6. A signature prompt will show up, so click “Sign”.

  7. Your wallet is successfully registered when this prompt shows up. Click “OK” to complete the registration.

For questions about STYLY, bug reports, and improvement requests, please contact the STYLY FORUM: