STYLY for Vision Pro Content Production Manual

STYLY for Vision Pro Overview

STYLY for Vision Pro is an application for creating and delivering MR content on Apple Vision Pro.

  • STYLY for Vision Pro content is not compatible with STYLY for other platforms, the content delivery system is different from STYLY VR and STYLY Mobile App, and content created for one cannot be experienced on the other.
  • STYLY for Vision Pro does not have a web-based content creation tool like the traditional STYLY, please use Unity for content creation
  • The STYLY app content gallery is now whitelist-based and requires an application and review process (form in preparation).
  • Your content will be publicly available, please do not upload content you would like to keep private.

To upload content from Unity to STYLY for Vision Pro, please use the STYLY Spatial Layer Plugin for Vision Pro.

Required Environment


Please check here for supported versions

STYLY Spatial Layer Plugin for Vision Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac, but your content can only be created on Apple Vision Pro or a Mac with Apple silicon.

Shortcut links

Unity Setup Guide for STYLY for Vision Pro

STYLY Spatial Layer Plugin for Vision Pro Supported Features/Unsupported Features

Supported Features

  • Mixed Reality mode: Bounded Volume, UnBounded Volume
  • Standard URP shaders: Lit, Simple Lit, Unlit, and some shaders from supported Unity packages
  • Visual Scripting
  • Basic features such as timeline, animators, animation, audio clips, etc.

For more information, see the Supported Unity Features and Components page.

Unsupported Features

  • Fully immersive VR, windowed apps
  • C# scripting
  • Custom shaders
  • Visual Effect Graph
  • Post Processing Stack

How to install the recommended version of Unity

With Unity Hub installed, type in your web browser ( the latest Unity version for STYLY Spatial Layer Plugin for Vision Pro is Click here for the STYLYLY Spatial Layer Plugin for Vision Pro) .

Click on the Unity Hub link.


When the pop-up message “Open in Unity Hub?” appears, click Open Unity Hub.


In the module selection field, check the following one module and click the Continue button.

visionOS Build Support

(Only visionOS Build Support is OK.


Installation will start.


How to create a Unity project for STYLY for Vision Pro

Download the Unity Template Project that contains the STYLY visonOS Plugin.

Unzip the downloaded zip file.


Start Unity Hub and click the Add button on the Projects screen.


Select the folder you unzipped and click the Open button.


Unity will start up and you are done.


Now you are ready to start Unity Hub,

How to upload Unity content to STYLY for Vision Pro

Prefab the objects you want to upload to STYLY for Vision Pro.

To Prefab, drag and drop the game object you want to Prefab from the Hierarchy window to the Project window.


Select the Prefab and click STYLY > Build prefab.


A xxxx.styly file will be created under Unity project folder > _Output.

Note that the file will be overwritten each time you do a Build prefab.


A web page will open, click the Upload content button.


Enter a title and description.

Select the Display type.
Bounded: Content will be displayed in 1m x 1m x 1m size, can coexist with non-STYLY apps.
Unbounded: Content will be displayed using the entire space, cannot coexist with non-STYLY apps.


Click on the Select a file button. xxxx.styly file should be selected.


Click the Upload button.


Upload is complete.


Xcode visionOS simulator setup guide

If you have a Mac PC, you can experience the content you have created using the visionOS simulator on Xcode.