Article describing the JACKSON kaki’s scene using the Modifier feature

In this article, I describe the scene “KANKEISEI” created by the artist JACKSON kaki using a Modifier feature.

I introduce the appreciation points of the scene, how he uses Modifier, and how he arranges Modifier.

About JACKSON kaki

JACKSON kaki (real name: Takaumi Arakaki) is an artist/creator who creates multi-media works such as VR/AR/MR, video, game, installation, sound art, and DJ, mainly 3DCG.
Focusing on “dimension” and “existence”, he finds the relationship between virtual space and real space in the post-Internet society.

In Japan
Yurakucho Wall Art Gallery (IDEA , 2021)

DIO’ C’ E ( UltraStudio, Pescara, Italia 2020 )
Spring Attitude Festival ( EUR SOCIAL PARK, ROMA, Italia 2021 )

(Quoted from NEWVIEW official website )

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This is an AR work.
I recommend that you experience it in a large space.

When you launch the work, you will see a combination of objects with motifs of human faces and bodies, and abstract structures.

In addition, the collapsed human face object moves in the space with physical expression.

The one that stands out the most is the collapsed figure dancing in the center.
The monstrous standing figure is distinctive.

This work uses the human body as a motif and depicts how it becomes an object with physical expression and animation.

Points where he uses Modifier

You can actually copy a scene on STYLY Studio and check it against the following explanations.

How to copy a scene on STYLY Studio

  1. First, please login to STYLY Gallery.
    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don't login to STYLY Gallery.

    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don’t login to STYLY Gallery.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)



  2. Click on the Copy button below. *You must be logged in to copy to your account.


  3. When the scene is added to the scene list on STYLY Studio, you finished copying.
    Copied scene is added.

    Copied scene is added



This section explains what modifiers are used in STYLY Studio.

A face object called Thisperson2 has Humanoid Animation added to it.

[Humanoid Animation] Standingが使われている

[Humanoid Animation] Standing is used.

This face object has a humanoid bone attached to it in Blender, and then it has been made into a Humanoid in Unity and uploaded to STYLY.
By adding the Humanoid Animation Modifier, animation is applied to the face object.

Similarly, the humanoid object moving in the center also includes Humanoid Animation.

[Humanoid Animation] Rumba dancing と Breakdancing Motionが使われている

[Humanoid Animation] Rumba dancing and Breakdancing Motion are used.

There are several types of Humanoid Animation. By changing the content of the animation, you can make the object move in a different way.

The Face2 object includes the Rotate Animation to rotate the object.

[Animation] Rotateが使われている

[Animation] Rotate is used.

You can apply Animation to any object.
You can easily move the object you have uploaded.

Animation is also used for other objects.
Face1 includes Animation’s Heartbeat.

[Animation] Heartbeatが使われている

[Animation] Heartbeat is used.

With Heartbeat, you can apply an animation that changes in size at a constant rhythm.

The “red objects” in this scene are all colored red by the Change Color of Modifier’s Style Change.

[Style change]Change Colorを使って、赤色のオブジェクトにしている

He colors the objects red by using [Style change]Change Color

The three-dimensional object Abstract2 is not only turned red by Change Color, but is also includes Make Draggable of Interaction.

[Interaction]Make Draggableがついたオブジェクトはコントローラーで操作できる

You can use the controller to operate objects with [Interaction]Make Draggable.

Make Draggable allows you to move the object with the controller when experiencing the scene.
As in Abstract2, two or more Modifiers can be applied at the same time.
However, if the number of Modifiers becomes too large, it may be difficult to manage the scene, and some Modifiers may conflict with each other, such as animation, resulting in unintended operation.

This is an explanation of the “KANKEISEI” scene using Modifier feature.

How to experience a AR scene

If you are accessing this page from a smartphone, please click on the “Experience the Scene” button (*If you are experiencing the scene on a smartphone for the first time, please also refer to the following instructions).

After clicking, the following screen will be displayed.
If you have already downloaded the STYLY Mobile app, please select “Continue on Browser”.

You can then select “Play on Mobile App” to experience the scene.

If you are accessing this page from a PC (web browser), you can experience the scene by clicking the “Experience the Scene” button, selecting the Mobile icon on the scene page, and scanning the QR code.

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For those who want to know more about how to experience the scene
For more information on how to experience AR scenes, please refer to the following article.