The Canvas of My Inner World: “In My Brain” by Maple

This article will introduce In My Brain by technical artist, Maple. We will introduce the artist, preview the scene, and explain how to experience it in the STYLY app.

The theme of the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022 was “Create a Melting Reality.” In My Brain was selected for the ULTRA INNOVATION Prize from the 155 entries that were submitted.

In My Brain by Maple

About Maple



Graduated from Ritsumeikan University’s College of Image Arts and Sciences.
A young female engineer best described as pop, cute, and a geek. Interested in the exciting extensions of fusing performers’ analog expressions with technology’s digital expressions, and currently studying Think and Sense. Wants to entertain entertainment media, and actually wants to become an idol.

—Via the official NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022 Website


About the Work

Upon launching the scene, a Windows 98-esque version of the computer software Paint appears in many different windows.

These Paint windows surround an old desktop computer, which is placed in the center of the scene.

Many Paint windows are displayed in the AR scene

Paint is a default software automatically installed on Windows computers and, as you might already know, it’s a simple tool used to create digital paintings.

Each Paint window shows a view captured by a smartphone camera, but they each have a different effect applied to it.

Each effect has a name, which you can see in the header of the windows.

Anger Window

This window is titled “Anger.” The screen is reddish-black, expressing a dark anger inside.

Sadness Window

The window, titled “Sadness,” displays water droplets on the screen.
Are these simply drops of water or are they someone’s tears?
In My Brain uses AR to transform everyday scenes into a unique image.

Love Window

Maple explains the work as follows:

The world can appear differently depending on one’s emotions. When overwhelmed with strong emotions, our internal canvases are rewritten. When we feel negative emotions, our brains are noisy, whereas with positive emotions the same brain lights up like the night sky and changes the way we see the world.

This piece tries to bring that to life[.]

—Via the official NEWVIEW AWARDS 2022 Website

We invite you to peek inside Maple’s extension of the world and try it out for yourselves!

How to Experience an AR Scene

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For those who want to know more about how to experience the scene:
For more information on how to experience AR scenes, please refer to the following article.

Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn