How to make a scene with slow-motion effect by Playmaker for Unity ~ vol.2

In this article, I introduce how to implement a slow-motion effect added in the previous article by Playmaker for Unity and how to enable Vive controller.

the previous article
How to make a scene with slow-motion effect by Playmaker for Unity ~ vol.1

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You can download the Unity project shown in this article.

As this project data doesn’t include some plug-ins needed, install them by yourself.
SteamVR Plugin

Make a Prefab for the controller

Make a Prefab to enable Vive controller and control it by Playmaker.

Make a Prefab from a blank object.

Make a blank object and name it “ViveController_Setting”.


Add a child object

Next, add a blank object as a child and name it “Controller_right”.


Add an Event

New two States, “waiting for trigger” and “set Scale time”, have been added.

Add two new Events as well.

Make “Global_TriggerPressDown_R” and “Global_TriggerPressUp_R”.

I referred to the following articles and videos for those settings of Vive controller.


The setting for Transition

Assign those new Events to the Transitions of the States.


How the Playmaker window looks after assigning the Events



Connect between the States.

Make them connected each other.


I also enable a mouse to control motions.

Add an Action

Add “Get Mouse Button Down” to control motions with left click.

Use “Scale Time” to adjust the timing.

The default value of “Time Scale” is one.


The setting for Scale Time

Assign “Get Mouse Button Up” to the Event highlighted above.

Add “Scale Time” and set it to 0.05, which activates a slow-motion effect.


Upload the Prefab.

Now all settings are finished. Get the Prefab ready for use by uploading it to STYLY.


Once you place the Bulletspawn in a Scene, you will see the Bullets fly towards the camera from it.

When you keep the trigger of right-hand HTC Vive controller pulled, a slow-motion effect is activated.


The completed Scene running.

Avoid the bullets in style!


In this article, I introduced how to make a scene with a slow-motion effect by Playmaker for Unity.

This effect would be useful for interesting expression because you could speed it up as well as you slow it down.


How to upload an Asset from Unity to STYLY.
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