How to upload assets from Unity to STYLY

In this article, I am going to introduce how to import an asset made with Unity, to STYLY. You can use Unity assets such as 3D models, Particle systems (Shuriken), Lights, UI elements, Shaders (such as ones using Amplified Shader), and assets that use PlayMaker.
STYLY is compatible with assets with animations or interactive functions, and assets with colored lights.
I hope you create original assets and use them in STYLY!

Needed Requirements

Unity version 2017.4.x is supported. Also, the following components are needed.

Unity Download Assistant

  • Windows Build Support (If you are using Windows, this is installed by default)
  • Mac Build Support (If you are using Mac, this is installed by default)
  • Android Build Support
  • WebGL Build Support
  • iOS Build Support

Uploadable Asset kinds

You can upload the following assets to STYLY by using Unity Asset Uploader.

STYLY WebEditor

  • 3DModel(Models with animations are uploadable too)
  • Particle system(Shuriken)
  • Light
  • UI Elements
  • Shader(such as ones using Amplified Shader)
  • Assets that use PlayMaker

The upload process is the same for any asset. You just need to save the asset as a prefab, and follow the steps in this tutorial.
CAUTION: If animations set with PlayMaker does not work in STYLY, delete the cache files of your browser. Also, please be aware that STYLY does not support scripts written in C#.

Downloading and Uploading with UNITY PLUGIN FOR STYLY

You can upload prefabs you create in Unity to STYLY by using UNITY PLUGIN FOR STYLY.
I will explain the steps to download UNITY PLUGIN FOR STYLY.

First, please access the link below, or go to the STYLY top menu, and click the [DOWNLOAD] menu.


STYLY top page


In the DOWNLOAD page, click the [DOWNLOAD] button for UNITY PLUGIN FOR STYLY (BETA).
Once the download is completed, import the UNITY PLUGIN FOR STYLY (BETA) to your Unity project.


Open your Unity project. Go to [Assets] > [Import Package], and click [Custom Package…].


Select the “STYLY.unitypackage” you just downloaded, and click the [Open] button.


Check all the checkboxes and click the [Import] button.


After the import is complete, [STYLY] will be added to your menu, and a [STYLY_Plugin] folder will be added in your Project window.

How to connect your STYLY account with your STYLY_Plugin

First, you need to get your API key for your STYLY account. I will explain how you get your API key next.

How to connect your STYLY account with STYLY_Plugin 1

Login to STYLY WebEditor, and select the [API Key] menu.
Your API key will show up, so copy it.

How to connect your STYLY account with STYLY_Plugin 2

Go to the [STYLY] menu in your Unity project, and click [Asset Uploader Settings].

How to connect your STYLY account with STYLY_Plugin 3

Type your email address of your account in the Email form.
For the API Key, paste the API key info you copied in the last step.
Your STYLY account and the STYLY_Plugin are linked now.

How to check the file size of the file you are uploading

I will introduce how to check the file size of a prefab. If the file size is huge, the upload will take minutes or much more, so checking the file size of your prefab is important.

Checking the upload file size

To check the file size, you need to right-click the prefab file, and choose [STYLY] > [Check File Size]. The recommended size is less than 20MB.

How to upload files from Unity to STYLY

Once you made sure the file size is ok, the next step is to upload the prefab you created to STYLY.

Prefab Upload

Let’s begin the upload! First, right-click the prefab you want to upload. Then, click [STYLY] > [Build And Upload Prefab Asset], and the upload process will begin.

How to upload a prefab from Unity to STYLY 1

When the upload is complete, a popup message “Upload succeeded.” will show up, so press the [OK] button.
If an upload error occurs, please send the error message and details (such as what you were doing, and screenshots) to the contacts below.

Inquiry contacts

  • Japanese:
  • English:

Uploading multiple prefabs (Added 2018/11/03)

STYLY is now able to upload multiple prefabs.

Download the latest version of the STYLY.unitypackage, and import it to your Unity project the same way as the previous one.

Select the prefabs you want to upload, and right click them. Select [STYLY] > [Upload scene to STYLY] just as you did previously.

Multi selecting prefabs

You can upload multiple prefabs at once with this process now!

Uploading a whole scene from Unity to STYLY

How to use an uploading function of Unity scene

Using a prefab you uploaded to STYLY

I will explain how to access the prefab you uploaded.

Using a prefab you uploaded to STYLY

Open the STYLY WebEditor. Click the [Assets] button, and click [3D Model]. Finally, click the [My Models] menu. Your asset will be displayed in there.