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In this article, I introduce the basics of  Unity assuming STYLY as a target platform. This time, I mainly explain about the user interface to create a Prefab.

How to create your Unity ID

Firstly, download and launch Unity. The version recommended is Unity 2017.4.x.

Unity log-in screen #1

If you create a new account, click ‘Create one’. If you already have your account, log in by entering Email and Password or log in via the SNS linked.

Unity log-in screen #2

Pressing ‘Create one’ brings up the window to make a new account. Fill the required fields (Email address, Password, Username and Full Name).  Then, click ‘Create Unity ID’ with the two boxes checked (See above). Log in via SNS if you want to skip this step.

Unity log-in screen #3

When the registration is completed, the screen shown above pops up. Then, an e-mail will be sent to your address registered.

Unity log-in screen #4

The registration is completed when you receive the image above.

Unity log-in screen #5

Go back to Unity and log in with the required fields filled. When you logged in, Unity brings up the screen shown above.

How to make a Project

How to make a Project #1

Once you have made Your ID, let’s create a new Project. Firstly, press the ‘New’ button.

How to make a Project #2

Enter the Project name, the Location and so on. Select 3D or 2D to suit what you create. Select 3D for the example here.

About the UI of Unity

The UI of Unity #1

I briefly explain about the user interface of Unity. The following is a summary even for Unity beginners like me to understand.

① The Scene View: the interactive view into the scene you are creating.

② The Hierarchy Window: It displays a list of contents in the Scene such as 3D model, lights, cameras and so on.

③The Inspector Window: You can set the properties of an object (3D model, light, camera view and so on) in the Hierarchy.

④ The Project Window: You can store the data to use. You can see what has been imported here.


Don’t worry about a window in the bottom left corner for now. It basically displays some error logs.

Navigation controls in Unity

The followings are the basic navigation controls in Unity.

Orbit: Hold Alt, and left-click and drag.

Zoom: Use the scroll wheel.

The ‘Move’ mode for GameObject: ‘W’ key

The ‘Rotate’ mode for GameObject: ‘E’ key

The ‘Scale’ mode for GameObject: ‘R’ key

Undo: Ctrl + Z

If you also use other 3D CG software, you would already be familiar with the operations similar to the shown above. Apart from coding work by both hands, the left hand is for typing and the right hand is for mouse operation in general.

How to download and import assets from Unity Asset Store

About Unity Asset Store

How to download and import assets from Unit Asset Store #1

Unity Asset Store is shown in the screenshot above. There are 2D models, 3D models, backgrounds, accessories and etc. There are also many objects for free, which are very useful references to create a game or CG.

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #1

When you launch Unity, you will find the Asset Store tab to the right of the Scene tab. By clicking it, you can view Asset Store while running Unity. You can also search, download and import from there.

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #2

You can search by keywords in the upper red outline above and search with conditions in the lower red outline above. It displays the assets that meet the conditions such as price, rating, data size, etc.


Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #3

This time, I import a free asset of a snowman shown below, to Unity.


Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #4

Clicking an asset in the search result brings up the page to download. Click ‘Download’ button. Once the download is completed, the button will be changed to ‘Import’. Click it.

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #5

In my case, the window shown above popped up after downloading. Then, I clicked the ‘Import’ button.

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #6

When you check the Prefab data imported in the Project view, you can find the data of snowman. Drag the ‘Snowman_01’ file onto the Hierarchy.

Download a 3D object from Unity Asset Store #7

Now the data of a snowman(Snowman_01) has been placed. You can multiply the model by dragging the Prefab onto the Hierarchy repeatedly.


You can easily create your favourite world just by placing some assets. Please play with them while learning how to use the UI.

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