Trying out the STYLY VTuber function

The VR platform STYLY has a virtual YouTuber( VTuber ) function.

In this article, I will introduce the steps how to experience becoming a VTuber.


For the settings and operation methods, I referred to the article written by the Psychic VR Lab CEO, Masahiro Yamaguchi.

The article written by Masahiro Yamaguchi↓
Virtual YouTuber video streaming with STYLY using 3D scan data

I used my 3D scan data in this article.

You can download the 3D model from here.
※ This model is a free resource and secondary use is allowed.

The Scene gallery to place the VTuber can be accessed from here.

Once the settings for the VTuber and the creation of the Scene is completed, record and save.

Then, use a video edit software and add subtitles and music to finish up the video.

The final result is the video below↓

How was it?
By using STYLY, anyone can easily become into a VTuber.
I hope you try it out!