Air Race Pilot Yoshihide Muroya The first winner of “AIR RACE X” has been decided. AIR RACE X – SHIBUYA DIGITAL ROUND Report

The world’s first experience of air racing using XR, the AIR RACE X Shibuya Digital Round, was held in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is the world’s first Air Racing Event for the world’s top pilots since the previous Air Race four years ago.

The winners of the qualifying round in order of points, were MUROYA Yoshihide (Japan), Matt Hall (Australia), Martin Sonka (Czech Republic) and Juan Velarde (Spain). The flight data used for the semifinals and finals was recorded during the qualifying period, and the results kept secret until the day of the competition. The XR that unfolds in the Finals at Shibuya is the real data flown by the pilots.

The world’s first urban XR sports immersive experience viewed through the head-mounted VR goggles with the STYLY App installed is beyond imagination. Not only do air race pilots run through the actual city of Shibuya, but at the real air race venues too. Viewers are so close that the aircraft flies in front of you and in the high turns is directly overhead.

In addition, the power of 3D sound production is realistic. The feeling that resonated in the bottom of my stomach was exactly the same as watching the real race, I could hear the sound of the aircraft as it was flying.

In the semifinals, Sonka won against Hall and Muroya defeated Velarde. In the final, Muroya and Sonka both flew without penalties, Muroya winning over Sonka by a wide margin to claim the title of the first winner of “AIR RACE X”.

After the final, Muroya said, “We were able to hold an air race with everyone’s help, and we want to make “AIR RACE X” even more exciting and hold a real air race in front of tens of thousands of spectators. Starting with this event, we are considering holding “AIR RACE X” in various places around the world”.

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