STYLY Supports Sony’s Spatial Reality Display “ELF-SR2”

The 27-inch spatial reality display “ELF-SR2” allows you to see spatially realistic 3D images with the naked eye.

The display enables stereoscopic imaging creating a more immersive viewing experience. Sony’s unique line-of-sight recognition sensor detects the position of the viewer’s face and recognizes the viewer’s line of sight in real time. By detecting the positions of your left and right eyes, you can generate and display images optimized for spatially realistic 3D viewing in real time.

The ELF-SR2 boasts a 70% increase in display size at 27 inches compared to its predecessor, the ELF-SR1 (15.6 inches). It also supports major SDKs such as Unity and Unreal Engine, and can be developed with OpenGL, DirectX11/12, and Open XR (scheduled to be supported in the second half of 2023).

In addition, a site called “Spatial Reality Display App Select” will be released where users can search for applications available for spatial reality displays. STYLY will be available to users on this site.

By utilizing the ELF-SR2, in a professional setting like architecture and design, users can demonstrate the overall status of projects involving towns, buildings, etc., making it simpler to conduct a real-time simulation. The practicality and integration of 3DCG will continue to improve providing users with advanced tools for business and leisure.

“STYLY is compatible with all major HMDs and AR-enabled glasses like Quest’s Oculus, PICO 4, HTC’s VIVE, and Nreal’s glasses. With the new support provided for Sony’s ELF-SR2, we hope to further expand the range of applications for STYLY, enabling creators, companies, and local governments who use our platform to create the immersive expressions and spaces they desire to achieve.” 

– Ryohei Watanabe (CMO)

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