AR exhibition using STYLY at Shibuya Scramble Crossing! Works by Asian generative artists together with the worldwide touring collection ‘Crypto Citizens’.

METADIMENSIONS has decided to collaborate with the Generative Art Reconstruction Foundation, an organisation with which it has had a close relationship for some time.

In conjunction with Bright Moments Tokyo,  the event will be held from May 5th, 2023. Crypto Citizen and Asian generative artists will gather their works at Shibuya Scramble Crossing.



Event Information

Date:2023/5/5(Fri) – 2023/6/5(Mon)
Location:SHIBUYA Scramble Crossing
App:You need the STYLY App to view the AR content. 

How to Play ?


On a smartphone with the STYLY app, click the ‘Try AR’ button to activate the STYLY scene.


Point the camera towards the QFRONT building at the Shibuya scramble crossing and the content will appear.
Please keep a certain distance from places where many people gather, such as from Hachiko-mae Square.


When participating in this event, please obey traffic rules and take care not to obstruct the passage of other people or vehicles.
No responsibility will be taken for any problems that may arise during participation in this event.


AluanWang ( ileivoivm )
AluanWang is the first Taiwanese artist to be featured on Art Blocks (2021). He specializes in multimedia design and writes interactive programming languages. He is an audiovisual art pioneer known for combining geometric figures with electronic breakbeat music. His works have won first prize at the Taipei Arts Festival in 2012 and 2015, and he is currently dedicated to creating generative art.



Ayumu Nagamatsu
A freelance programmer and artist who plans and develops installations and production systems based on concepts such as Generative Art / Visual Music / Data Driven Art.


Emily Xie
Emily Xie is an engineer and generative artist who writes algorithms to generate lifelike textures and forms. She is fascinated by the process of combining dissimilar materials and patterns to create a cohesive visual, as well as the potential narratives that each element can bring to the composition. Xie draws inspiration from tactile mediums, such as textiles, collages, and wallpapers, and reinterprets them in the digital realm.
Her generative systems explore the interactions between chance and control, the organic and systematic elements, and the abstract versus the representational. These nuances result in dynamic and thought-provoking compositions.


Artist and researcher. Under the slogan “Towards a Newest Laocoön”, he works with drawing and AI/p5js.

As for his Generative Art works, he has presented “FLUX”, “MOUNTAINS” and “OBLIQUE” as the “FLUX Series” at fxhash. All of them adopt the process of constructing images while destroying them as their theme.
In addition, he is currently participating in a project themed on “music x generative art” and an exhibition project focusing on Smart Contract.

In parallel, he researches and writes critiques related to NFT. Recent article is “Discourse NFT Networks” for the exhibition <Proof of X – NFT as New Media Art> and “Speculations on Metaflat How KUMALEON Embodies a More Purely Artistic Approach to NFT Art”. He is also providing editorial support for “THE NEW CREATOR ECONOMY – NFT Creates New Art Forms” BNN 2022.



Kazuhiro Tanimoto
Ph.D. in Engineering. Researcher in chemistry. Code Artist. Media Artist.His interest is in organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, material design, molding and processing, programming, cord art and electronic work. He works at the interface of science, technology and art.


Reva Fan
Reva is an algorithmic artist, crypto artist, and computer graphics engineer, born in 1986 in China. She received her MA from the Institute of Computing Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has worked as an algorithm engineer in the movie-making, VR, and AR industries for 6 years. She self-taught generative art in 2018 and became a freelancer making new media arts. At the beginning of 2020 she stepped into the crypto art space and since then devoted herself to Web3 creating and building. She has established the Crypto Art Mutual Aid Association community and WeirDAO, a decentralized organization for independent crypto artists. Her generative project Through the Window was released on Art Blocks in 2021. She was the first Chinese mainland crypto artist to issue the artwork on Art Blocks. Her artworks have been auctioned in Poly and Yongle and showcased in Art Basel HK 2022.


Senbaku is a Japanese artist who creates works using code. Since 2020, she has been constantly producing work through her “DailyCoding” activities. She has a background in folklore research and focuses on ghost motifs.


Seo Hyojung creates installation and performance pieces that aim to provide new perspectives on daily life by blending media technology with common objects that we encounter in our surroundings. Her interest in media literacy education drives her to explore the various possibilities of coding through Creative Computation classes, and continues to work on various projects in this field. Recently, she has been dedicating her main focus on generative art, an art form that uses coded algorithms to generate images. This approach allows her to develop unique and dynamic visual forms that can evoke different emotions and reactions from the audience. Her major exhibitions include Demo Festival(2022), One-way ticket to Mars(2019), Act Festival(2015), Asia Triennial Manchester(2011), Kobe Biennale(2007), and so on.


Yazid is an artist from Brunei who uses code and algorithms to produce works of art. He finds joy in exploring concepts of minimalism, meaning, and the lines between analog and digital. Yazid’s work has been collected by more than 1000 individuals and has been exhibited in numerous spaces around the world including Singapore, Frankfurt (Museum Angewandte Kunst), Lugano, Hong Kong (Art Basel 2022), London, Valencia, Marfa, and Miami Beach (Art Basel 2022).