cpnnn Modifier scene Description

This article describes the scene “egg” created by the artist cpnnn using Modifiers.

I will introduce the key points to appreciate the scene, how she used Modifiers, and how she arranged them.

About cpnnn


3D artist and designer.
She is active beyond place, language, and dimension, providing works to artists in Japan and abroad, and presenting collaborative work.

(Taken from the official NEWVIEW website https://newview.design/works/paradise-type-ice/ )

Twitter : https://twitter.com/cpnnn
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/cpnnn_


About “egg”

The artist explains her work as follows.

From the first time I saw shark eggs at the aquarium, I was fascinated by their beautiful organic form and very fragile mechanism. Sharks have a variety of ways to reproduce. Nanook and tiger sharks spawn by wrapping their eggs around rocks and seaweed, and their eggs grow slowly over several months to a year or more. The only protection for the baby sharks is an outer translucent drawstring (aka “mermaid purse”), and the survival rate is said to be very low.

The egg is already “born” into this world, but the creature inside it is not yet “born.
The “egg” is the memory of what has not yet been born.

This scene uses STYLY’s Modifier function to add movement to various objects.
Please experience the sea of memories in VR.

Recommended environment: VR (experience in a soft place such as a sofa or bed is recommended)

Music: a rap of ice – 10,10,10

Taken from cpnnn’s Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca9hqWmLo1E/ )


The motif of this spatial work is a shark’s egg, which allows the viewer to experience memories.

The distinctive feature of this work is its unique use of color.

Beautiful colors

Instead of primary blue, the gradation of blue colors expressed by reflections of natural objects such as the sky and the sea are reflected in the objects and spaces, creating a unique color palette.

The flower object has a specular reflection and constantly changes color as it rotates on its own axis.

Specular reflection

And objects like gates are covered with stone textures.


By cloaking it in sculptural imagery, the space is constructed as a symbolic object of this work.

At the far end of the scene, there is a shark egg object.


The eggs sometimes start to move and feel as if they are about to hatch.

Points she used Modifiers

You can actually copy a scene on STYLY Studio and check it against the following explanations.

How to copy a scene on STYLY Studio

  1. First, please login to STYLY Gallery.
    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don't login to STYLY Gallery.

    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don’t login to STYLY Gallery.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)



  2. Click on the Copy button below. *You must be logged in to copy to your account.


  3. When the scene is added to the scene list on STYLY Studio, you finished copying.
    Copied scene is added.

    Copied scene is added.


The following is an explanation of which kind of Modifiers are used on STYLY Studio.

The duck object called single_rubberduck includes [Animation] Go and back like spiral and [Animation] Rotation.

[Animation] is used.

Similarly, light-L includes [Animation] Go and back like waves to make the object move with the waves.
The color is also changed by [Style change] Rim Light.

[Animation] and [Style change] are used.

The [Animation] Go and back like waves is also used on the cushion object to create a modifier that makes it look like it is being rocked by waves.

[Animation] Go and back like waves is used.

By using the Modifier, the motion is effectively created as if it is really being moved by the waves.

For the shark-egg-inner object, [Style change] Rim Light is used to change the color, and [Animation] Heartbeat is used.

[Animation] and [Style change] are used

Heartbeat animation causes the eggs to occasionally move.
This effectively creates the illusion that the eggs are about to hatch.

The use of Modifiers very effectively creates physical movement.
By creating physical movement, it makes the eggs appear as if they really exist.
Let’s try using Modifiers to create effective motion!

How to experience the VR scene

If you are accessing from a smartphone, click the “Try Now” button (*For first-time users, please refer to the following instructions).

After clicking, the following screen will appear.
If you have already downloaded the smartphone version of STYLY, select “Continue on Browser.”

Then select “Play on Mobile App” to experience the scene.

If you have an HMD device, click the “Try Now” button on your PC (Web browser), then click the VR icon on the scene page.

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