[STYLY Mobile] How to move in the VR scene

With STYLY Mobile, you can move around the scene while experiencing the VR scene.
Here, we will show you how to move within the VR scene of the STYLY Mobile app.

STYLY Mobile VRシーン

STYLY Mobile VR Scene

* You can move in the scene only when the scene is VR, and it is automatically determined whether each scene is VR or AR.


Moving method

Moving in the scene is a combination of turning and moving forward.
There are two ways to change direction.
One is to swipe the screen.
The other is to move the smartphone itself.


Change direction

You can move in the current direction by pressing the arrow buttons on the screen.


Go forward

You can move to the desired location by moving the smartphone and changing the direction while moving forward with the arrow buttons.
Please experience various VR scenes on your smartphone.