STYLY Studio Manual – How to Use the Water Floor, Caustics Light and Water Prop Assets

You can use the Water Floor, Caustics Light and Water Prop assets to create scenes using water, such as those with rippling oceans and underwater scenes.

Most of these assets are animated, so they can be used for realistic scenes simply by placing them in your project.


Sample Scene

Below is a sample scene using the Water Floor, Caustics Light and Water Prop assets.

Where to Find the Assets

The Water Floor, Caustics Light and Water Props are located in the Assets. Clicking on the Add Assets icon will display the available types of assets.


Click the Add Assets icon

Water Floor

You can use the Water Floor assets to represent various water surfaces. As of January 2023, four types of assets are available in STYLY Studio.

By rotating an asset 180 degrees and placing them above Your Position, you can create an underwater scene.

The Water Floor assets can be found inside Environment>Floor.





Water Floor4種類

The Water Floor Assets

Caustics Light

By adding a Caustics Light asset to your scene, you can project underwater ripples.

They are available in two types: stylized and realistic.

Please note that if your scene is too bright, there may be some loss of color (white splash).

The Caustics Light Assets can be found inside Environment>Light.





Caustics Light2種類

The Caustics Light Assets (Caustics Stylized and Caustics Ocean)

Aquarium Set

The Aquarium Set assets are objects and particle sets that you can use for underwater scenes.

They can be found inside 3D object>Featured.

3D object

3D object



aquarium set

Aquarium Set

List of Available Assets

Water Floor

  • Shallow Ocean

Shallow Ocean

Shallow Ocean Asset


Shallow Ocean Sample

  • Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean Asset

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean Sample

  • Pool Water

Pool Water

Pool Water Asset

Pool water

Pool Water Sample

  • Lake Water

Lake Water

Lake Water Asset

Lake Water

Lake Water Sample

Caustics Light

  • Caustics Ocean

Caustics Ocean

Caustics Ocean Asset

Caustics Ocean

Caustics Ocean Sample

  • Caustics Stylized

Caustics Stylized

Caustics Stylized Asset

Caustics Stylized

Caustics Stylized Sample

Aquarium Set

aquarium set

Aquarium Set

  • seaweedField red
seaweedField red

seaweedField red Sample

  • seaweedField yellow
seaweedField yellow

seaweedField yellow Sample

  • seaweedField green
seaweedField green

seaweedField green Sample

  • seaweed_hand_field

seaweed_hand_field Sample

  • Seaweed object yellow
Seaweed object yellow

Seaweed object yellow Sample

  • Seaweed object red
seaweed object red

Seaweed object red Sample

  • Seaweed object green
seaweed object green

Seaweed object green Sample

  • rock A
rock A

rock A Sample

  • rock B
rock B

rock B Sample

  • rock C
rock C

rock C Sample

  • Air Bubble
Air Bubble

Air Bubble Sample

  • waterSubstance

waterSubstance Sample

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Certified (QA) by Shota Shawn Yoshizawa
Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn