Nyu Modifier Scene Description

This article describes “Biotope,” a scene created by artist Nyu using Modifier feature.

I will introduce the key points to appreciate the scene, how he uses Modifier, and how he arranged it.

About Nyu


Born in 2000. As a fashion designer, he founded and created his own brand called Remote Control Club.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remotecontrolclub/

About “Biotope”

When the work is launched, a tunnel of abstract patterns unfolds before your eyes.



Once through the tunnel, a space composed of different objects opens up.

Alien space constructed by objects

There are plants growing that look like seaweed.

In the sea?

An intricate abstract object sits in the center.


Objects strongly indicate their presence through rotation and other movements.

The coloring, which looks both metallic and visceral, is distinctive and disastrous.

Sense of Presence

The title “Biotope” means “biological environment.”

I feel that the objects stretched out like mucus and the intricate geometric patterns represent a virtual biological environment.

Even though there are no living creatures there, the traces of their existence are used as motifs to create the spatial works.

Points to utilize Modifier

You can actually copy a scene on STYLY Studio and check it against the following explanations.

How to copy a scene on STYLY Studio

  1. First, please login to STYLY Gallery.
    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don't login to STYLY Gallery.

    Select LOGIN in the upper right corner of the STYLY Gallery screen if you don’t login to STYLY Gallery.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    Enter your email address and password and select LOGIN.

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)

    You are logged in. (Your icon will be displayed)


  2. Click on the Copy button below. *You must be logged in to copy to your account.


  3. When the scene is added to the scene list on STYLY Studio, you finished copying.
    Copied scene is added.

    Copied scene is added.


The following is an explanation of how he used Modifier on STYLY Studio.

center obj is an object placed on the center stage.

He used Rotate in Animation of Modifier. The abstract state can be viewed from various angles.

center obj

The same Rotate of Animation is used for the sowrd circle.
In this sowrd circle, multiple objects are assembled into a circle when prefabricated. The axis is set to the center so that it rotates nicely.
When placing multiple objects in a circle, be careful of the position of the axes.

sowrd circle

Rotate Animation is also used for the drill object.
Although simple to use, Rotate is very versatile. Use Rotate when you want to give information to an object without changing its position.


Rotate in Animation is also used for the long object. The vertical rectangular objects are placed at different angles, so Rotate is used to create a gradient of light.


He used Heartbeat in Animation at a cable circle. The size of the animation can be changed to make it appear as if it were alive.


Because of the intricate structure of the work, instead of making large movements, we use animations that do not change position but change size and rotate to create a scene with a large amount of information without affecting the overall structure.

Instead of using Modifier carelessly, make effective use of them to enrich the scene.

How to experience the VR scene

If you are accessing from a smartphone, click on the “Try Now” button (*For first-time users, please refer to the following instructions).

After clicking, the following screen will appear.
If you have already downloaded the smartphone version of STYLY, select “Continue on Browser.

Then select “Play on Mobile App” to experience the scene.

If you have an HMD device, click the “Try Now” button on your PC (Web browser), then click the VR icon on the scene page.

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