STYLY Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

In this article, we will introduce how to deal with certain errors in STYLY. We have answered and provided helpful tips for some errors and questions from the STYLY Facebook group. We hope you find it helpful. We plan to add other helpful tips in the future.

If STYLY Doesn’t Open or Function Properly…

WebEditor Recommended System Requirements

If your computer or software platform doesn’t meet the recommended system requirements, then STYLY may not function properly. You can check the requirement details below.

  • OS:Windows (64-bit), Mac Users
  • GPU:Discrete GPU (NVIDIA, AMD), Intel HD Graphics (4000 or better)
  • Memory:More than 4Gb, however 8Gb or more is recommended for smoother operation
  • WEB Browsers:Google Chrome

※ Please Note: Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android tablets or smartphones are not supported. If STYLY doesn’t open properly or freezes during loading, then it might be because of the device you are attempting to use.

Using a Web Browser Other Than Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for STYLY. We do not perform system software tests using Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing problems with a different web browser such as Internet Explorer, then please try downloading Google Chrome instead. This may fix any issues with properly opening and operating STYLY. 

If You Are Using an iOS Device

STYLY does not support iOS devices. Please use a Windows or macOS device.

If You Are Using a 32-bit Windows OS

If you are using a Windows computer, please check that the OS is 64-bit and not 32-bit. Please Note: STYLY was created and intended for 64-bit computers.

Network Connection Speed

STYLY deals with 3D data, resulting in large amounts of data consumption. Please Note: STYLY is a data heavy application which requires higher network speeds than other internet sites. Using a strong and stable network connection will enhance the STYLY experience.  

If You Are Using a Tablet or Other Touch Screen Type Device

STYLY was created to be used with a computer mouse. Attempting to operate STYLY using the touch screen function of your device will not work. 

Global Button Doesn’t Respond

The Global button can only be used when the side button is in rotate mode or scale mode. So, if it doesn’t respond, you should check that it is in move mode. For details about the functions of the Global button, please refer to this article.

The Assets in the Scene Become Dark

When the assets in your scene lose light (go dim) and your scene becomes dark, it is probably because you accidentally deleted the light source for your scene. If you removed the Directional Light asset from the Hierarchy List, then you will need to add it back to return light to your scene. See below on how to add the light asset back to your scene.

A Scene Without a Light Source

Press Assets > 3D Model (Sky and Grounds) > Directional Light.

Assets > 3D Model

3D Model (Sky and Grounds) > Directional Light

The scene will light up after you add the Directional Light back to the Hierarchy List.

After the Directional Light is Added

Check the Hierarchy List where you will find the Directional Light asset added.

Hierarchy List

Google Poly 3D Models Are Not Visible on HTC, Vive, or HMD

Please update the STYLY application in Steam. Try it again with the updated version.

How Can I Delete Models I Uploaded to My Models

If the uploaded object is referenced from another scene, it will result in an error. Currently there is no delete option in STYLY. Uploaded models cannot be used by anyone other than the Uploader. There are internal and unique identifiers used in the system that are very long and unpredictable character strings.

Please send bug reports to: