Alien_ayameishii: Healing in a Different Universe by Ayameishii

In this article, we introduce graphic designer Ayameishii’s virtual reality (VR) work, Alien_ayameishii. Ayameishii creates three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) and other graphics by acquiring textures from real-life objects. Recently, she applied this technique to create a VR work for NEWVIEW CYPHER 2021.

The following article introduces Ayameishii’s career as an artist and highlights key points for viewing and enjoying her artwork.


About Ayameishii


Ayameishii is currently enrolled in the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University. She often creates works by processing her own photographs and scanned images on her computer.

(Translated quotation from NEWVIEW CYPHER official website

As a graphic designer, Ayameishii creates artwork using both 3DCG and two-dimensional (2D) media. Thus, she presents her work in a digital space, as well as actively participating in events such as TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2021.




About Alien_ayameishii

For the Alien_ayameishii VR work, Ayameishii covers the entire scene with colorful objects and ceilings. Each object is a floating, unique space.

Multicolored Objects

The heterogeneity of animal objects, memory card scans, human hands, etc., placed out of context is a “feeling that can only be created in VR.” Then there is the “texture of reality,” which is the hallmark of Ayameishii’s work. She pastes textures on domed ceilings and primitive objects, transforming and constructing these objects into special shapes and unusual spaces. The textures Ayameishii pastes on spheres are especially interesting, as she gives these objects a distinctive planet-like quality.

A Planet

In her work, Ayameishii transforms the textures she has captured into a new state through 3DCG.

What is the image reflected here? Do you feel a sense of “healing”?

Usually, we appreciate graphics in 2D; however, the graphics Ayameishii uses are 3DCG textures. She transforms her VR work into something that constructs a space rather than covering the entire screen, creating a “blank space” between the graphics.

To fill this blank space, Ayameishii adds trees, water, and light; it is an image just like nature.

A Sense of Healing

In Ayameishii’s artwork, the presence of nature between artificial things creates a mysterious healing effect. We invite you to appreciate the “healing” felt through the harmony of the artificial and the natural in Alien_ayameishii.

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