A New Space for Textiles: Chiruchiru by Chiruchiru

In this article, we introduce the Virtual Reality (VR) work of artist Chiruchiru, titled Chiruchiru. 

Chiruchiru’s art revolves around fashion. She expresses her aesthetic vision through her VR works and her own clothing brand named“Michiru.”

The following is an overview of Chiruchiru’s career and a few key insights for analyzing and interpreting her works based on our evaluation.


About Chiruchiru


Chiruchiru was born in Tokyo in 1997. After graduating from the fashion course of Display and Fashion Design under the Department of Scenography in Musashino Art University in Kodaira,Japan, she established her own clothing brand “Michiru.” Her works are inspired by the idea of“overflowing affection filling the body.”

(Translated from the official NEWVIEW CYPHER website https://newview.design/cypher)


Her fashion brand,“Michiru,” is characterized by its dreamy designs that exude a certain “warmth.”




m i c h i r u(@michiru_chiruchiru_)がシェアした投稿


As the scene unfolds, giant Gingerbread men, a Christmas tree, and Christmas presents are exhibited.

dreamy and kawaii

The rotating background and the Christmas tree trunk are textile designs created by Chiruchiru. 

These unique textile designs convey Chiruchiru’s “warmth” beyond fashion and graphics.


What I find most distinctive about this scene is Chiruchiru’s use of vibrant colors.

When people think about VR, they initially tend to imagine a cyber/sci-fi world. Contrastingly, this scene is “cute,” which is entirely polar from conventional VR interpretations.

STYLY allows artists to collaborate and create new VR works.

Through this platform, people like Chiruchiru who are unfamiliar with 3D computer graphics can create scenes in VR, which sets it apart from other digital and VR experiences in the VR world.

Textile patterns on 3D objects is a new idea that came from Chiruchiru’s fashion background.


We invite you to explore this immersive scene in STYLY and experience the world through Chiruchiru’s eyes.

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Edited by Sasanishiki

Translated by cpnnn