A Collage of Irregular Shapes: “what you gonna do” by claudiamai

This article introduces the work what you gonna do by artist claudiamai.
We will introduce claudiamai, explain how they created this work, and discuss how to view it in AR.

what you gonna do

About claudiamai

claudiamai uses STYLY to create unique VR and AR works by creating a collage of various 2D images together with 3D objects.

claudiamai’s VR work

Here we will be looking at one of their AR works.

About what you gonna do

Since this scene includes very large objects, we recommend viewing it in an open setting, such as a spacious room or an open space outdoors.

When the scene is activated, a collage of objects unfolds in the AR space.

A large collage of objects placed in the city plaza

Observing the scene more closely, you can see that the objects were scanned from the ground up using photogrammetry. The space is composed of recognizable objects such as bananas as well as abstract shapes.

The juxtaposition of concrete and abstract objects

You sense a “surreal uncanniness” throughout the scene.

A surreal and uncanny view

Let’s take a look at the other objects.

What is the relationship between each object?
It is not easy to parse out even through close examination, but I believe that the observer’s confusion is the key to appreciating this piece.

Irregular shapes in irregular combinations

This incomprehensible, amorphous collage blends with the city, and together, they become an even larger oddly-shaped object.

The contrast between the city design and the objects eerily put together in AR makes for a surreal viewing experience.

The contrast between abstract shapes and the city structure

By placing the scene in a typical cityscape, the contrast between our everyday view and the uncanny forms that defy understanding are what make this work unique and interesting.

How to experience an AR scene

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For those who want to know more about how to experience the scene
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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn