The image is a Medium for Creating Digital Spaces: Paper Island by Machutorica

In this article, we introduce the VR work paper island by art unit machutorica.

The following is an introduction to machutorica and a few points to keep in mind when viewing their work.

paper island

About machutorica


Rika Hayakawa: Freelance graphic designer and time-lapse artist, working between digital and analog.

Mathieu: IT engineer. A French guy who is interested in many things and loves to both hack and play.

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machutorica combine painting and 3D objects to create softly textured works, and utilize those textures in VR as well.

About paper island

When we start the experience, we are surrounded by watercolor objects.

Cute illustrations.

This scene is characterized by its absence of 3D objects, and it is made entirely from PNG and GIF image data created by machutorica.

The scene is made only using 2D images.

When we think of VR, we imagine a space rich with 3D computer graphics, but this scene takes advantage of soft, watercolor graphics.

Because 3D objects are rendered according to the environmental lighting, it is difficult to create this kind of paint-like texture in 3D. 

However, when a space is constructed using 2D images, it is possible to create an image that deviates from the stereotypes of VR.

A scene made with images.

A 3D computer graphics mesh is not paper-thin and has a 3D shape. However, 2D images do not have thickness and have a flat shape.

Therefore, you could say that a 2D image conveys less information than a 3D one.

However, machutorica used this limitation of “less information” as a possibility for unique expression through this work.

The possibilities of the image.

The scene is divided into six different spaces that can be explored.

The six spaces.

Try out this experience to explore the possibilities of the image.

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