A new food porn culture “Meshigrammetry”: tonkatsu.jp #001 by Kazuki Miyata

This article introduces the AR work tonkatsu.jp #001 by artist Kazuki Miyata.

This is an AR version of “meshigrammetry,” which is the photogrammetry of food. We will introduce the culture of food scanning and how to enjoy it in AR.


tonkatsu.jp #001

I hope this article will help you further enjoy this work.

What is “Meshigrammetry”?

Meshigrammetry combines two words: “meshi (informal word for food in Japanese)” and “photogrammetry.”

In other words, it is the photogrammetry and 3D scanning of food, a new food porn (or Japanese “飯テロ,” directly translated as “food terrorism”) culture that has become popular among VR and 3DCG-related communities on Twitter.

If you look up the hashtag #メシグラメトリ (meshigrammetry) on Twitter, you will see food scans uploaded by many people.

Just as there is a culture of taking and uploading photographs of delicious food on Instagram and Twitter, the next “medium for meals” is 3DCG, as photogrammetry can now be easily accomplished on smartphones and tablets.

The work tonkatsu.jp #001 is meshigrammetry made into AR and uploaded to STYLY.

About tonkatsu.jp #001

Launching the scene, a giant plate of tonkatsu is displayed in AR.

The scene is neither interactive nor animated but rather a simple scene where you can feast your eyes on a pork cutlet from all angles, the ultimate food porn experience.


Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet)

Food communication, posting photos of meals and sharing what you are eating, has become popular on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

With AR technology, I feel that food communication has entered a new dimension.

What will food communication be like when we can share food images of any size?

With AR, it is possible to take a selfie like this one:


The author taking an AR selfie with tonkatsu

When I showed this AR work to a friend, they said, “It looks delicious, and there is something new about it.”

With the development of 3DCG technology and applications, it is very easy to make photogrammetry scans with a single smartphone. Nowadays, we can carry around 3DCG data and display 3DCG food anywhere.

From this, we can imagine a new kind of food communication.

Communication technology and the ways food is shared will continue to develop, and “tonkatsu.jp #001” foreshadows such a future.

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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn