Constructing a space with images “210731_VR01_MINORIMURATA” : Minori Murata

In this article, I’ll introduce the work “210731_VR01_MINORIMURATA” by Minori Murata, an artist who participated in NEWVIEW CYPHER 2021.

NEWVIEW CYPHER is a project in which artists and creators who are active outside of XR activities create XR using STYLY.

Twelve artists and creators are participating in this project, and we will be featuring reviews of their scenes in Pick Up Scene.


About Minori Murata

Minori Murata

Minori Murata

Born in 1992. Visual artist and designer.
She creates a wide range of visual expressions from graphic design to motion graphics, animation, and space production. Her works include Nike’s campaign film “JUST DO IT.” featuring Naomi Osaka, CHAI’s music video “NO MORE CAKE”, and RED BULL’s cypher relay “RASEN Spiral”.

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Past productions include the visuals and venue direction for “imma Ten” held at DIESEL ART GALLERY.

imma ten

imma ten

About “210731_VR01_MINORIMURATA”

The stage of this work is a space where video images are pasted onto tubular objects.

By overlapping multiple objects, it becomes a multi-layered work.



By overlapping various layers, such as the space of bubbles, evening, blue sky, and the sky of buildings, the space itself is diversified.

In order to build a VR space, you need a sky, walls, and so on. However, by replacing the background with video, which requires specialized knowledge of 3DCG design when doing background modeling, a dynamic background can be displayed, effectively building a space with a lot of information.

Artists working with 2D works may find this useful.

The key to creation is how to use this space to make the work appealing. She has placed a number of symbols in this space.

One of them is a pink gorilla.

The pink gorilla

The pink gorilla

This pink gorilla connects space to space. Its expression seems to be that of an existence that connects layers.

It is placed as an existence that transcends dimensions, and because of its heterogeneity, it can be seen as a bug in a game.

What is the meaning behind this? There is also a DNA object on the side of the space.


The pink gorilla is a being that transcends the layers of space and connects dimensions. Does the DNA as a symbol represent offspring?

Living things connect their bloodlines across space and time through DNA.

This work itself is reminiscent of that.

A cemetery is placed on the outside of the space. What is the true meaning of this? It raises a number of questions.

Rest In Peace

The work itself becomes a large symbol by constructing a space using video and effectively placing 3DCG. The most enjoyable part of viewing this work is how to unravel the symbols. Let’s interpret and expand the work in our own way!


I have introduced the symbolism of the work, starting with the construction of space using video.

If you take the time to look at these works from other perspectives, you may discover something new.


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