AVYSS×NEWVIEW CYPHER AR Collaborations #3: Peterparker69 / eijin

Our AVYSS×NEWVIEW CYPHER AR Collaborations series will introduce AR scenes made in collaboration between STYLY’s NEWVIEW CYPHER and the online Japanese music and culture magazine, AVYSS.
The AR works feature three artists who performed at AVYSS Circle, the magazine’s circuit event held September 2022 in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.
All scenes are produced by STYLY’s NEWVIEW CYPHER team and directed by artist ippaida storage.

For our third article, we will be viewing a scene created by Peterparker69 (Jeter and Y ohtrixpointnever) and visual artist eijin.

Peterparker69, eijin

About Peterparker69 and eijin

Peterparker69 is a duo consisting of Japanese producers Jeter and Y othorixpointnever.

Peterparker69 is based in Tokyo and hosts parties in various areas of Japan.


J e p o i(@jeterthelightsaber)がシェアした投稿

The artwork for Peterparker69 is created by eijin, a 3DCG artist who is also active as a DJ.



About the AR Scene

This medium-sized work can be viewed both indoors and outdoors.

When you start the scene, you will see two mysterious humanoids with a group of cartoonish characters floating in the air.

Floating characters

Approaching one of the humanoids, on closer inspection you can see that its eyes are glowing blue and give off an alien atmosphere.

An eerie character

On the other hand, the other floating characters are cartoonish and adorable.

An adorable character

As part of the experience, you can take selfies with these characters. We recommend finding your favorite character and taking various pictures in different situations. Our favorite is the pink caterpillar near the top of the scene.

Launch the scene and find your favorite character!

How to Experience an AR Scene

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For those who want to know more about how to experience the scene:
For more information on how to experience AR scenes, please refer to the following article.

Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn