A Hybrid Coexistence and XR Communication: “Root About” by Nadine Kolodziey

Subtle and Delicate Texturing

In the AR work Root About by Germany-based artist Nadine Kolodziey, viewers experience a large arrangement of fantastic plants.

Since this artwork includes very large objects, we recommend viewing it in an open setting, such as a spacious room or an outdoor space. If viewing outdoors, make sure the environment is safe and without obstructions, such as crowds or passing traffic nearby.

Launching the scene, we see large plants appear. Their rounded, colorful appearance is full of charm, and the carefully detailed textures reflecting the environment make them seem almost substantive and tangible.

At the center of this biotope, a red angelic figure rotates. This figure can be moved to any location within the frame by dragging it with your finger.

In the scene above, the red figure has been moved to another location within the artwork and continues to rotate among plants larger than itself.

Digital plants of various textures are displayed in this scene. Young stems, like glass, delicate and fragile spheres, soft and fluffy leaves, slippery vines: many stylized floral motifs are placed to create a fresh, new landscape. The digital vegetation blends into the natural landscape, and it becomes hard to distinguish what is real from what is not.

A Hybrid Coexistence

The work offers the image of a technologized and virtualized nature, inviting us to communicate and engage with it in new ways. The title, Root About, suggests the act of looking for something to connect to or take root on.

The artist injects an interactive element, inviting the viewer to move the red figure within the scene, and this interaction highlights the interrelation between the virtual and physical landscape.

Kolodziey helps us envision how, in the future, we may share a new nature in which reality and virtuality are combined and coexist in a hybrid space.

From the “Seed Systems” exhibition held in Berlin, hosted by STYLY

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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn